"Fast.com" to easily measure your Internet connection speed for free

A service that can easily measure the Internet connection speed of PC, smart phone, tablet "Fast.com"For video distribution servicesNetflixIt is available free of charge.

Internet line speed test | Fast.com

Simply by accessing the above page, measurement of internet line speed will start automatically.

Displays the download speed measurement result in about 10 seconds. We estimate the download speed by downloading multiple times from the Netflix server. When clicking the reload button on the right side, measurement starts again.

When I measured it several times, the maximum speed was 91 Mbps. On the result screen, a link to SPEEDTEST.NET of the speed measurement service is displayed, so you can compare the speed, so click on it to try.

Since the page of SPEEDTEST.NET opens, click "BEGIN TEST" to measure the Internet connection speed.

The result was 233.75 Mbps for downlink and 316.25 Mbps for upload, which was far from the measurement result of Fast.com.

Fast, com was also available from smartphones.

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