Speed ​​test site "Rapid net" that can measure line speed on iPhone · Android · PC

ByMark Fischer

"Rapid net" is a speed test site that measures line speed simply by clicking "Start Measurement" button. Although the accuracy is somewhat lowered, the mode for performing the result display at high speed is prepared, but the measurement is completed in just 5 seconds even in the normal mode. Also, since Flash is not used, it is possible to measure even from terminals that Flash can not use.

Rapid Net | The fastest speed test site in Japan that supports line speed measurement, PC · smartphone

Just press "start measurement" in the center of the screen. Because it adopts the measurement method by downloading the quantitative file, the time taken for the measurement changes according to the line speed.

Because the environment measured this time was an optical line, the time taken for measurement in normal mode was less than 5 seconds. The result was 36.8 Mbps downstream and 14.7 Mbps upstream.

When I tried it with a different browser, there was a considerable difference between descending 63.9 Mbps and uplink 14.1 Mbps. The test measures the average value of DL and UL and displays the result, but if you want to know the more accurate value, it seems better to test several times.

For iPhone this is like this.

The screen is exactly the same, tap "Start measurement".

Measuring ......

Down 15.1 Mbps, Upstream 3.6 Mbps.

Even for Android ......

Since it is the same screen, just tap "Start measurement".

Measuring ......

Downlink 12.5 Mbps, Upstream 2.9 Mbps.

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