"TAP" which turns into a touchable keyboard in any place such as desk, bed, head, bicycle handle etc.

While smartphones and tablet's Bluetooth keyboards are easier to hit than software keyboards, it is a bottleneck that they can not be used without a flat table. The keyboard which can be input by touching every place such as desk, body, head etc with one hand "developed thereTAP"is.

TAP Turns Anything You Touch into a Keyboard.

You can see how you actually use TAP from the movie on the above page. A woman wearing five fingers strap is TAP. I can not see it on the keyboard at all ... ...

If you clap a finger wearing a TAP on the desk, text will be input to the next smartphone. When you finish typing, when you hit the desk with five fingers, it has finished sending the mail.

TAP will be a keyboard anywhere, so even if you substitute your head for the keyboard OK. It is also possible to tweet to Twitter without touching the smartphone using TAP.

While lying down, I placed a surface at the end of my line of sight, and the bed became a keyboard. Since a crackling sound does not sound like a hardware keyboard, it seems that you can use it without worrying even if someone is sleeping next to you.

The hand of the man wearing the Gear VR is moving all the way.

If you connect to VR headset or AR headset, you will be able to enter text with TAP.

To enter text with Gear VR I enter the software keyboard of the VR screen with line of sight, but TAP seems to be able to find videos that I want to watch quickly.

While the bicycle is stopped, it is also possible to send a mail with the handle as a keyboard.

Even if the voice input is basic smart watch, you can write text with keyboard input using TAP.

TAP can be used with smart phones, tablets, smart TVs, personal computers, etc. that support Bluetooth connection. Through the application "TapGenius" you will be able to recognize everywhere as a keyboard. It carries a special learning system and learns which location the user taps as which key by using the application for about an hour. Even if tapping it, it does not mean that a visible keyboard appears, but it seems to be a typing of an invisible virtual keyboard.

Although it can be used with one hand, you can also type on both hands and type like a normal keyboard. It is a valid input means for visually impaired users. TAP is offering beta version and development kit for commercialization. Prices and selling countries are not released so far, but they will be commercialized around the end of 2016.

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