"F.lens" to expand the flashlight for smartphone by 10 times

A smart phone flash light which is useful at a slight timing such as nighttime and dark. Items that can easily be extended by 10 times such flash lights are "F. lens"You can install it on any flash terminal equipped Apple terminal or Android smartphone.

F. lens, the first flashlight booster for smartphones.

You can see how the terminal "F. lens" is by looking at the following movie.

Flens - The first flashlight booster for smartphones - YouTube

A small gift box appears

This is F. lens which came out from inside.

Without F. lens ... ...

When using the flash light of the smart phone at night, the light will not reach when you leave a bit even if you can light it.

In such a case, to the flashlight of the smartphone ......

F. lens is attached with a clicking magnet.

Then, even a few meters away you will be able to illuminate with the smartphone flashlight.

It's as if you have a light.

In the case of a normal smartphone, the flashlight diffuses at about 1 meter and can not illuminate any further.

However, when F. lens is attached, it will be possible to illuminate brightly up to about 10 meters ahead with the flashlight of the smartphone.

If you have F. lens, take a memorial photograph at night

Emergency such as engine stall


Maintenance of automobiles and motorcycles

When going outGeocachingAlso useful.

And F. lens can be attached to any Apple terminal with flash light, even Android terminal and Windows Phone.

F. lens is composed of aluminum and glass ... ...

On the back is a magnet used for attaching to a smartphone. F.lens is manufactured in Italy.

How to install F. lens is as follows. Just attach the washer to the flash light part and simply attach the F.lens main body here.

That "F. lens" is now looking for investment with Kickstarter. The target fund is 20 thousand euros (about 2.5 million yen), but about 7,100 euro (about 870 thousand yen) gathers during the article creation phase. If you want to get F. lens, it is OK if you invest 19 euros (about 2300 yen), shipping time is July 2016. An additional 3 euros (about 370 yen) is required for shipping to Japan.

The deadline for investing in "F. lens" is 11:38 on June 10, 2016.

F.lens - The first FLASHLIGHT BOOSTER for smartphones by Basilico - Kickstarter

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