Pinhole lens "Pinhole Pro S" that can shoot a tasteful pinhole photo with a digital camera

Although it is an era when sharp and beautiful pictures can be easily taken with a digital camera, it has a unique texture finishPinhole cameraMany people are fascinated by photos by. Pictures taken with the pinhole camera have a distinctive taste not found in photos taken with digital cameras,Person who photographs fantastic pictures using long exposure of pinhole cameraThere is also. Developed by a company that develops pinhole lenses "Thingyfy"Pinhole Pro S"Is a special lens that enables photography of digital photos with the principle of pinhole camera by attaching it to a normal digital camera as a lens.


You can see what pinhole lens "Pinhole Pro S" is made by seeing the following movie.

Pinhole Pro S | World's Widest Professional Pinhole Lens by Thingyfy

This stylish lens is "Pinhole Pro S".

Although it is a pinhole lens, it is a point that it can be attached to ordinary digital single lens reflex cameras, single lens reflex cameras for film, and mirrorless cameras.

It is possible to shoot in the same way as shooting with a digital camera.

"Pinhole Pro S" has two types of lens focal lengths "37 mm" and "11 mm".

By using a pinhole lens, you can take pictures with a taste that makes use of the sun's light.

If you can shoot movies, you can shoot movies with pinhole lens while wearing "Pinhole Pro S".

Movie editing software without processing, taking advantage of the characteristics of pinhole camera monochrome tasteful movies and ......

While it is color, you can also shoot movies leaving the pleasure of the pinhole camera.

"Pinhole Pro S" is a camera lens that uses the principle of a pinhole camera, and it can be attached to a digital camera as a lens, but it does not have a glass lens.

A pinhole camera is a camera applying a pinhole phenomenon in which an image is projected on the wall opposite to the wall where the light enters when light is inserted through a small hole into the dark box from the outside of the bright box.

"Pinhole Pro S" is a mechanism that delivers light to a sensor of a digital camera from a hole with a diameter of 0.3 mm or less opened with a precision drill on the aluminum body instead of a lens of a digital camera.

There are two kinds of "Pinhole Pro S" for single lens reflex "PPS 37" and mirrorless model "PPS 11". The single lens reflex lens has a focal length of 37 mm, a viewing angle of 60 degrees, and a lens for mirrorless focusing The distance is 11 mm and the viewing angle is 120 degrees. For mirrorless lenses, wide angle shooting is difficult to realize with a normal pinhole camera. Since each corresponds to multiple main lens standards, you can enjoy photography with pinhole lenses without choosing the camera model.

For single lens reflexCanon EF mount,Nikon F mount,Sony A Mount,Pentax K mountIt corresponds to the lens standard of.

For mirrorless useSony · E mount,Micro 3/4 mount,FujiX mountIt corresponds to the lens standard of.

"Pinhole Pro S" is an improved version of "Pinhole Pro" which is a pinhole lens to be mounted on a digital camera. Compared with ordinary "Pinhole Pro", the viewing angle is wide and it is made lighter. Since the focal length is shorter and it is a single aperture, it is not possible to adjust the exposure on the lens side, so it seems that it can correspond to various shutter opportunities by using both in combination.

Thingyfy developing "Pinhole Pro S" is looking for investment that also serves as a product campaign by Kickstarter at the cloud funding site. As a target amount of 10,000 Canadian dollars (about 870,000 yen) was listed, more than 124,000 CAD (about 10,800,000 yen) has already gathered twice that amount at the time of article creation. In the "Pinhole Pro S" project, you can get either one for SLR or Mirror less of "Pinhole Pro S" with a contribution of 65 Canadian dollars (about 5,600 yen), 79 Canadian dollars (about 6800 yen) One investment "Pinhole Pro S" one,CPL filter1, Aluminum lens cap 1, Protective pouch 1, Optional laser engraving can be set. Also, you can get one regular "Pinhole Pro" for 69 Canadian dollars (about 6000 yen), and get "Pinhole Pro" and "Pinhole Pro S" one by one with a contribution of 89 Canadian dollars (about 7700 yen) Possible. Shipping fee of 30 Canadian dollars (approx. 2600 yen) also corresponds to shipping to Japan, ships are scheduled around April 2018.

The deadline for investing in "Pinhole Pro S" is Japan time, 15:00 on December 21, 2017.

Pinhole Pro S | World's Widest Professional Pinhole Lens by Thingyfy - Kickstarter

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