How has advanced public health advertising design and marketing evolved over the past 100 years?

The advertisement and the design of the poster are steadily increasing with the timesIt is changing.. Government-led campaign is not an exception, and in the UK, advertisement that focused on "place shock to people" was used, but nowadays this type of advertisement is on a downward trend. The change in how the UK public health service marketing has changed has been explained.

100 Years of Public Health Marketing by Public Health England - Exposure

How public health marketing has changed over 100 years and where it's headed next

In the early 1900s British government launched a public health campaign to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and to improve the health of the people. However, with the outbreak of World War I, the government's message is not to improve the health of the people but to "change the habit of eating and drinking for war".

In 1917, the Information Department was created within the British government and campaigns using technologies of professional writers and advertising industry will be promoted. The purpose of the campaign at this time is "to eat properly, improve individual hygiene and make sexual acts safe", but on the other hand, smoking is not recommended at present It was. After that, when the war is over, the Ministry of Insurance will focus on the promotion of the vaccine.

Initial advertisements were mainly textual information, but gradually more items using illustrations and pictures will also increase. The public health campaign continues during the Second World War, and while the food is limited, the government will appeal the importance of nutrition and how to cook food and cook by advertisement.

As the World War II began, the Information Bureau was created and campaigns were spreading in the same way as the mass communication. And during World War II, everyone had to be able to receive health services free of charge, in 1948National Health ServiceIs born. Of course we focus on prevention of diseases and education about health, but we will focus on medicine such as disease treatment, surgical operation, vaccine, miracle.

After the war, in 1960 the economy will grow and optimism will dominate nationwide. The latest technology and research have a major influence on medicine and public health, and the focus of advertisement shifts from treatment of diseases carried out by the poor to treatment to be done by the economically affordable layer. Many advertisements about drinking and obesity are made. It was from this time that cigarettes came to be recognized as having serious harm to health. And to begin creating more educated messages, we begin applying techniques like magazines, newspapers and advertising industry.

According to Sheila Mitchell, who oversees the marketing department of UK public health services, from the 1980s to the 1990s, under the idea of ​​"Shocked people will take action if they feel fear" There were many advertisements, but this type of advertisement is decreasing in recent years.

Of course the method of "shocking" is effective until to a certain extent, but there is a limit to the fundamental idea because it is necessary to create more shocking things in order to draw attention to people.

In recent years there are more interactive campaigns to be launched. An obesity prevention campaign started in 2009 "Change4Life"In addition to receiving telephone consultation reception and child's obesity prevention guide, CM was created by" Wallace & Gromit "production studio.

Change4Life's CM is from the following. Indeed, rather than "shoot a shocking image," it is becoming "to provide an easy-to-understand explanation for understanding".

Change4Life: Be Food Smart TV ad 2013 - YouTube

And as technology develops, like other marketing industries, UK public health services will also focus on "how to use technology". In addition, how to relate advice about health and people is a problem.

In this regard, PHE supports smoking cessationCreate a Facebook Messenger chat botWe are doing an attempt to convey a message using movies etc. in an interactive interaction such as doing.

5 Smoking Kids - YouTube

The public health service as of 2017 tends to set the main point as "to fill the gap between marketing and treatment". In other words, after the marketing team has developed various products and services, it is a proposition as to how to connect healthcare service and people as "tools".

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