Can a gaming keyboard actually transform into a huge monitor?

Important elements when playing with PC games include a display for displaying specifications and images of the PC itself, and a mouse that is used as a controller instead. The keyboard is also one such important element, since the pushing comfort of keys and the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously can dramatically improve the play experience of the game, the "gaming keyboard" for PC games It is sold by each manufacturer. There are various types of such gaming keyboards, but for some reason many things can light the backlight of the key colorfully, surprising movies making full use of the characteristics of such gaming keyboard are released It is being done.

The Great Wall of Logitech G at PAX East 2016 - YouTube

Something that shines shines ... ...

A two-headed boy and a girl walk Tek Tec.

This huge monitor consists of 160 keyboards.

The whole image of the monitor was displayed again. It seems that boys and girls who appeared characters appeared picnicing happily outside.

And suddenly the UFO flew from the sky.

A boy and a girl who notices the UFO.

The UFO aimed at the boy ... ...

I battle the suspicious light and take away the boy.

To this the girl is very high.

Change to something like a powered suit like a space suit ......

On a spaceship ... ...

I will go on a journey to help the boy.

A girl and a space ship traveling in space following a UFO who has badly juvened.

Its appearance is like a side scroll shooting game of the Nintendo period.

A huge monitor produces a story of boys and girls and UFOs in various color expressions, but it is surprising because it is actually just a gaming keyboard.

In addition, the sound flowing in the video is transmitted by 16 wireless speakersUE MEGABOOMIt is flowing from.

The screen returns to the girl and the spaceship again, and a large group of monsters in front of you.

Dokkan Bukkan and a fancy effect are displayed ......

The keyboard is shiny in various colors.

Finally I will chase the UFO who took off the boy.

And, suddenly the UFO is surrounded by the dazzling light ......

Make a mysterious monster.

A girl and a monster fighting deadly with the last barrier to help the boy.

The girl 's riding spaceship stops moving for a moment ......

Firing a giant missile like a final weapon.

And hit the monster directly.

The whole body of the monster cracks ... ...

Successfully rescued the boy safely.

At the end, two people got on a picnic and finished.

Exhibitions using this gaming keyboard will be held from April 22 to 24, 2016 in the event of a game related event held in Boston, USAPAX East 2016Things that were on display. It was Logitech's gaming brand that exhibitedLogitech GThe state of setting the monitor made from the keyboard is released on Twitter.

In addition, the keyboard which is arranged in large numbers in the movie is the gaming keyboard "G 810" sold by Logitech G. The G810 can customize the backlight of each key freely from a maximum of 16.8 million colors, and Logitech G created a colorful keyboard monitor using this. In addition, G810 is sold at tax of 2750 yen in Japan.

Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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