I tried to eat "potato chips" "salty taste & caviar taste" that delivers intense odor of fearless level as noted in the notes of "Please do not eat in a closed room because it is dangerous"

One of the representatives of potato chips "Washed beef"Samsung confectionery famous for, the best smell of potato chips in history"Potato chips How salty taste"Is limitedly sold at Lawson since May 10, 2016. This is TBS's popular TV program "A world unfamiliar to Matsuko"of"The world of potato chips"Became famous became famous"Potato chips caviar flavorIt is said that it will be the same series as ". In fact, I tried to eat it to see how great it was with "potato chips caviar flavor" which was resold at the same timing by releasing a very intense scent.

Sanyamachi potato chips salty taste of 65g [Limited Items] | Lawson

So, this is "potato chips how salty taste (left)" and "potato chips caviar flavor (right)."

First of all I will try to eat "new potato chips squid salty taste" of the new product.

In the package, with the letters of "The Yamayoshi's Evil History!?" Is a note of "Please do not eat in a closed room because it is dangerous."

Contents per bag is 65 g, calories are 354 kcal. Besides potatoes, squid extract powders, horseradish powders, etc. are used as raw materials.

That's why I tried out from the bag at once, but as soon as I opened the bag I found a strange odor that can not be said anything. As the radius of potato chips approaches 3 to 5 meters or so, a unique scent which is not to be said irritates the nose, so you can eat in a closed room as it says "Do not eat in a closed room because it is dangerous" It seems to be very dangerous. However, it looks just like ordinary potato chips, appetizing with jagged thick cuts.

The thickness is about this, potato chips themselves are novelty.

It's about this size with hands.

When eating it, a unique salty taste passes through my nose. Since it gets awesome aroma just by getting closer in the first place, it is a level where you want to ask yourself, "Why did you open this ...?" However, it is good because you can eat without pinching your nose and eating without smelling. There was a person who says that the taste is "saltyish like" and some people say "taste of the cheese series", but it was almost unanimously "Opinion is good with potato chips if there is no scent". In addition, even if you pinch your nose, care must be taken as you pass the air through your nose, as the scent like freshly washed laundry will escape.

Next, we will eat 'potato chips caviar taste' which was resold.

It is meant to be able to enjoy "the taste of aged caviar", but after experiencing the intense smell of salty taste, the force holds on the hand holding the bag.

Caviar flavors also contain 65 grams of content and 355 kcal of calories. For raw materials, potato, creaming powder, shrimp paste powder etc., "Caviar" letters are not found.

The caviar taste is dressed in black powder, and from here it also has a unique scent different from salty taste.

So, once you try it, you will feel the fishy odor of the seafood system, but it is also pretty ant here if you look at the taste alone. However, the flavor as caviar is a little weak. The editorial staff who had eaten salty taste first, was a subtle reaction like "___ 0 ...?", But since the editorial staff who ate the caviar flavor firstly was in agony, this is also an odor to the odor It seems to be good to handle with care.

Although salty taste and caviar taste are both intense smells, there was also an editorial staff of the reaction that "the odor is not well understood" with a snuff in the haste. Also, even the editorial staff who thought that it was "smiley odor" also had nostrils when it was in the space where potato chips flavored for a while, I could taste potato chips without worrying about scent much. However, some editorial staff members who only had a reaction of "being uncomfortable ......" at the moment of eating, seemed necessary to some extent when eating.

In addition, "potato chips how salty taste" and "potato chips caviar taste" are 165 yen including tax, it is limited time sale.

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