A tremendous 360-degree movie filming a way to head towards a huge tornado is being released on YouTube

Valuable movies containing the appearance of tornadoes in the suburbs of Colorado, USA are released. The movie is taken with a 360 degree camera mounted on a car running towards a tornado, and you can witness the tremendous power of a huge tornado.

Insane 360 ​​video of close-range tornado near Wray, CO yesterday! - YouTube

At the beginning of the movie, you can only see the thin tornadoes extending from the cumulonimbus because of the distance to the tornado, it is not in the shape of a big tornado.

You can see 360 ​​degrees when you grab the movie screen with click & hold. In the sky seen from the rear of the car there was a place where cumulonimbus spread but sunny.

When you return the screen to the front, you can see that it gradually approaches the tornado.

As we approached closer, the camera was captured by the thick tornado.

The top of the tornado spreads gray cumulonimbus as much as it covers the sky.

Did you get too close to the tornado, the car stops once.

The tornado crossed the road from left to right.

When the distance to the tornado is open, the car starts again.

Paying attention to the part where the tornado is in contact with the ground, you can see that a dreadful amount of sand smoke is dancing. Also, the movie sounds silly and the wind strength is also considerable.

In the sky the cumulonimbus moves like a sinuous one, and it is awfully unlikely to be from this world.

When running for a while, the remnants that seemed to have been blown away by the tornado were obstructing the way.

People in the car jumped out of the camera with one hand.

Other cars also stop photographing time. The wind seems to be quite strong, so it seems a little dangerous to get out of the car ... ....

When turning the camera backwards when stopping, it looks like this. The sunny weather spreads across the huge cumulonimbus is dazzling.

The surroundings of the tornado are dim.

After a while, the car ran along the road while watching the tornado on his right hand. It may be said that luck is that the camera has not been blown away by that much.

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