The post office started drone-based delivery on a trial basis, realized delivery of drone by the end of 2016?

AmazonYaGoogleIt is "Delivery Drones" that is promoting the move toward practical application. As drone travels to the destination by flying in the sky instead of on the road, it is said that it will not be influenced by traffic conditions on the road, furthermore it can be said that the delivery cost can be greatly reduced. Australia's state-owned enterprise almost monopolizes the domestic mail business for such delivery service using such droneAustralia · Post, And it has become clear that trial operation for commercialization is started.

Australia Post tests drones for parcel delivery

Delivery service by the world's first droneAustralia, Australia Post, a government-owned enterprise and monopolizing domestic postal operations,Civil Aviation Safety Bureau(CASA) under the auspices of the US Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The drone that the Australia Post uses for the examination is Melbourne's robot development companyARI LabsDrone developed by. Comparing the size with the person who is adjusting the propeller part, you can see that it is not such a huge aircraft.

The drone is handled by a special operator. CASA has recently relaxed some regulations on commercial drones' operators (pilots), including dealing with operator certificates and the need for licenses for remote pilots, as well as commercial drone There are also related to the weight of.

At the time of writing the article is Australia · Post, which carries out Drone's flight training for pilot operation, but we are delivering light weight parcels etc we are delivering.

The delivery drones are equipped with high resolution cameras, parachutes to prepare for unexpected situations, alarm alarms and warning lights, and it seems possible to operate these as safety devices when necessary.

In addition, engineers monitor the flight status of the drone in real time so that drones can fly safely. Specifically, since the drone sends encrypted data to the drone station on the ground, it seems that the engineer monitors this to monitor the flight status one by one. ARI Labs, who is responsible for developing drone, seems to be aiming to automate the monitoring of the drones' flight conditions in the future.

If the training period has ended successfully, two weeks of pilot operation will be carried out at 50 places outside Melbourne, the urban area of ​​Australia.

In addition, he will serve as Representative Director of Australia · PostAhmed Fahour"We are investigating whether it is impossible to add something by drone into our delivery method.If we can successfully run the trial successfully it will be available as an experimental service by the end of the year I am convinced that it will be able to provide delivery service by drone. "

In addition, several drone seems to be operated in rural areas so that customers in remote areas of their "mail box" can receive the benefits of delivery drone.

Mr. Ahmed of the Australia Post puts emphasis on the safety aspect of the delivery drones, "We are working very seriously about the safety of the drone.When we are convinced that the use of the drone is 100% safe and sure We will use this only in the future. "

Drone pilot in training.

And this is Drone who came back from the training flight. There is a small box on the bottom of the fuselage, which seems to pack the baggage here and deliver it under the customer.

At the landing point of Drone ......

Drone came.

And successfully landing safely.

According to the Australia PostCatchOfTheDayYaTHE ICONICIt seems that online shops such as online shop will be major customers, "Many consumers are interested in participating in the trial," Ahmed said.

Even Amazon's major retailers such as Amazon and Wal-Mart are testing to use drone for delivery like Australia · Post. But it was done to users who purchase items onlineLatest surveyAccording to Australians, only 10% want a delivery service using drone. However, Mr. Ahmed of the Australia Post said that the word of Henry Ford, the father of Hyundai Motor, "If you were listening to what they wanted of the customers, they would have said" they want a faster horse " "Even if delivery by drones is not desired at this stage, I replied that there is no demand in the future.

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