FAA authorizes drone delivery service 'Prime Air' that Amazon delivers packages 'from the sky' 'within 30 minutes'

Amazon's drone delivery service ' Amazon Prime Air ' has been developed over the past few years to achieve 'delivery within 30 minutes of ordering'. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates the operation of drones, and Amazon's drone was not able to get FAA certification easily, but Amazon was approved on Monday, August 31, 2020. I found out that This makes delivery from the air more realistic.

Amazon Prime Air drone delivery fleet gets FAA approval

Amazon gets FAA approval to fly Prime Air delivery drones

It was in 2013 that the existence of Amazon's delivery service 'Amazon Prime Air' that delivers luggage from the sky with an autonomously flying drone was revealed. Amazon has continued to develop drones since then, but the FAA has strict regulations in the United States, so it was difficult to start the service.

Amazon's drone delivery takes a step toward realization-GIGAZINE

You can see how the delivery drone is actually flying a test flight from the following. The movie was released in June 2019.

Amazon Prime Air's New Delivery Drone-YouTube

However, on Monday, August 31, 2020, it was discovered that the FAA approved Amazon's aviation regulation “Part 135,” which authorizes regular flights and charter operations by small propeller planes. As a result, Amazon will be able to deliver luggage by drone beyond the range visually confirmed by the operator, and will be able to perform a test flight of commercial delivery over the United States. According to the FAA, Amazon drones 'can deliver your luggage to customers safely and efficiently.'

Package Delivery by Drone (Part 135)

``This certification is an important step for Prime Air, and will help Amazon's autonomous drone delivery operations and safety to deliver packages to customers around the world one day,'' said David Carbon, Vice President of the Prime Air Division. It means that the FAA has confidence in the process.' 'We will continue to improve delivery drones and work with the FAA and regulators around the world to deliver within 30 minutes.' I will make it happen.'

Amazon says it isn't going to ship from the air around the world immediately after it's been approved, but it's willing to test it.

In addition, Amazon is not the only one trying to develop a commercial drone, and Google's sister company ``Wing'' also has received FAA approval in 2019 and has started pilot operation of drone.

Google's sister company ``Wing'' starts trial operation of unmanned delivery drone, can be delivered not only online order but also from pharmacy-GIGAZINE

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