"Minecraft: Gear VR Edition" finally released into the world of Minecraft

VR headset with Galaxy plugged in and capable of standalone operation "Gear VRYou can play with "Minecraft: Gear VR Edition"Was finally released on April 27, 2016, local time.

Blog - Minecraft Now Available on Oculus for Gear VR

Minecraft arrives on Gear VR today!

Minecraft: I can understand exactly what Gear VR Edition is all about by seeing the following movie.

Minecraft is Now Available on Gear VR! - YouTube

Minecraft's play screen is displayed on the monitor.

Play like this as usual.

However, looking over the room ......

You can see that there are players "Minecraft world room".

It is the state that "Minecraft is playing in the world of Minecraft".

However, before players into the monitor unknown. I entered "The world of Minecraft in the world of Minecraft".

Defeat the creeper ......


Enjoying fishing ... ... is really possible in the state of being inside the maincraft world.

It is Minecraft: Gear VR Edition that makes it possible to fully play the first person's gameplay.

In addition, on YouTube you can see that you are actually playing Minecraft: Gear VR Edition.

Minecraft in VIRTUAL REALITY | Gear VR Gameplay | First Impressions - YouTube

That's why I started playing.

First of all the players seem to be in the Minecraft room.

A player who looks round the round.

Looking down, the player was sitting on the sofa.

It is OK even if you play Minecraft while watching the monitor here, but when you tap the side of the headset ... ...

A monitor screen comes close to me.

And you can really enter the Minecraft world.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition supports all functions of Minecraft: Pocket Edition such as survival mode, creative mode, and multi play is also possible. It is $ 6.99 (about 780 yen).

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