I have experienced "Oculus Rift" and "Gear VR" to tell the real world to parting and to travel to the virtual space

Sony's "PlayStation VR"Or Microsoft's"HoloLensIn recent years VR headset has become a big topic in the video and game industry somewhat, but Oculus's "Oculus Rift" produced the flow of VR boom. Beginning with cloud funding, now Oculus's products, which are at the forefront of VR headsets "Oculus Rift"When"Gear VR"Is on display at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 and the experience has made us feel the beginning of the new era.

Oculus - Oculus VR

Arrived at Oculus's booth at N05 in Hall 2. Gear VR's playing space is just the people wearing the headset, it seems to be the future world drawn by the movie somehow.

First of all it was Gear VR.

Gear VR jointly developed by Oculus and Samusung is a type of VR headset fitted with "Galaxy S 6" or "Galaxy S 6 edge".

Kappachi and Galaxy S 6 are attached to the first part.

The part to wear to the head is like this. It is a nice point to be able to wear glasses with it wearing.

Gear VR logo in the band part.

Adjustment screws for focusing are attached to the top of the headset.

Audio is output from the smartphone.

There is a square touch panel space on the right side of the main unit, and if necessary, tap this part and operate.

When wearing it in practice, there is almost no burden in terms of weight, fitting fits headily.

The game that I tried was developed under development, it was a shooting game like so-called FPS. The operation during the game is to move to that place when staring at a certain point and tap the touch panel on the right to shoot the gun.

From the appearance of tapping the touch panel while scrolling, you can realize that the player is completely in a different world.

The VR space in the game is designed up to every detail, and the perfection level is high enough to think that VR using smartphone without hesitation even with a sense of depth is quite good.

Gear VR is a level that is sufficient for entry level of VR headset. Even with smartphones, the feeling as if it were in a different world just as Gear VR was worn could not be tasted in ordinary games.

After Gear VR, Oculus Rift is finally over. The trial of Oculus Rift will be held in a private room.

The prototype of Oculus Rift was prepared for the test of the Tokyo Game Show. The design is slightly different from the product version.

Oculus logo on the front.

This is a headphone.

Oculus Rift is also a light class as a so-called device, so there seems to be no problem that the neck is tired even with long-time use.

The movement of the player's head is tracked with a dedicated camera.

Operation is done with the Xbox 360 controller.

This is the home screen of Oculus Rift. The game play screen is under development and can not be shown, sorry.

When wearing it in fact it does not mean that you can see the real world a bit from the gaps that opened a little, the fit is outstanding.

Because it gets stuck in the head and it is completely blocked from the outside world, the immersive feeling is so tall.

Operate the game with the controller.

The trial was titled "Edge of Nowhere" TPS.

You can check the demonstration movie of the tried Edge of Nowhere from the following.

Edge of Nowhere - A VR Adventure - Reveal Teaser - YouTube

I was thrown in suddenly suddenly into the vast silver world, there is no doubt that I will be surprised at first. After all, 360 degrees Wherever you look, the world is spreading is a completely new gaming experience.

Looking down at the scene where the rattle and scaffolding collapses, you can see how high you are, and the level that you scratch your legs just by just looking at the bottom. I fell to the bottom of the valley several times, but when I fall down to the bottom of the abyss, I feel like falling down at the roller coaster.

In the cave that was made into a scene, the body responds with it whenever a sound is heard from somewhere. I thought that I would be fainting when playing a horror game of Ouchus Rift.

Although it was about 5 minutes of playing, I fully enjoyed the world of virtual space. Oculus Rift is a device that makes it impossible to wait for sale even by just experiencing it.

The Gear VR who went on the test this time has already released models for developers. It is said that for official consumers it will appear within 2015.

This is a model for developers of Oculus Rift.

It is designed to be operated with the special controller called Oculus Touch. Oculus Rift 's consumer - oriented products will be available in the first quarter of 2016.

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