Start official 'Marketplace' selling user-created content at Minecraft

"Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition - Microsoft Store"And" Minecraft: Pocket Edition (IOS version/Minecraft Android version"It was announced that the market place to be able to purchase content created by users in the game currency" Mine Craft Coin "will be introduced in the spring of 2017.

Minecraft Marketplace | Minecraft

It's time to discover ... Marketplace! | Minecraft

Microsoft's Minecraft Set to Launch its Own Currency - Bloomberg

The marketplace is a place where you can purchase content created by other users of the "Mikura" community safely and easily, and you can use the content once you purchase it. Content handled includes avatar skin, adventure map, texture pack, mini game and so on. In purchasing "Minecraft coin" is used.

It looks like this on the iPad

The Android version seems to be like this

First of all, in the middle of April 2017, we launched a public beta test with a spot on coins in the Android version. After that, after questioning and answering with Reddit etc., it is planned to be introduced in the spring of 2017.

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