Microsoft announces Minecraft in education, a main craft for educational sites

"Mine Craft(Minecraft) is a game that you can use to create various things and adventure the vast world, in a school in SwedenMinecraft is a compulsory subjectAs much as it is. A new program that makes it possible to utilize such a main craft more effectively at the educational site "Minecraft in education"Microsoft announced.

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Microsoft launches Minecraft in Education for creating dynamic classroom experiences

In education, stimulating curiosity of learners is a very important factor. And good educators are good at stimulating students' curiosity. Like Swedish schools, Minecraft has already been used in several educational settings already, but this is a useful means for Minecraft to stimulate students' curiosity and increase their interest in study Because it is nothing else.

Even in the United States, there are moves to incorporate Minecraft into education. Elementary school in Seattle seems to have adopted a method for elementary school students to learn basic calculations using Minecraft in a class held on Saturday. Also,Middle School in Los AngelesIn the humanities literature classes studies about the land which is said to be "sacred place" in religion, around the world by Minecraft.

You can see how Minecraft is actually used in the class by looking at the following movie.

Minecraft in a Humanities Classroom on Vimeo

In addition, New ZealandStudents attending Alfriston CollegeBlock in the Minecraft in collaboration with the Oakland War Memorial Museum to learn New Zealand's historyBattle of GallipoliIt is reproducing the Gallipoli peninsula which became the stage of.

Gallipoli peninsula created in Minecraft

Other,Coding LearningYaPractice stand for urban planningMinecraft is being utilized as such, there are many cases.

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Meanwhile,Microsoft in Education TeamBased on various ideas gathered from educators and experts, redesigned for education "Minecraft in educationWe announced.

"Minecraft in education" is a mine craft designed to allow educators and students to receive various stimuli, while studying the ruins made by ancient civilization, students themselves make something and adventure themselves While being able to enjoy their own stories, they can learn mathematical thinking ability, problem solving skills and leadership through games.

Trailer movies of Minecraft in education can be seen from the following.

Minecraft in education - YouTube

In addition, Microsoft simultaneously announced the addition of services of "Microsoft Class Dashboard" and "Microsoft School Information Sync" which can be used for free in "Office 365 Education", which are communication and collaboration between teacher and student It is a service to promote.

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