For learning mathematics, it is more effective to start learning from "advanced mathematics" rather than a calculated drill?

ByAJ Cann

The mathematicians who disliked mathematics who liked elementary school days also jumped into "mathematics" from junior high school students, and the curriculum advanced and the contents became more sophisticated, so many people disliked mathematics. However, an amazing mathematics learning method called "small children should learn from advanced mathematics" has been advocated. The Atlantic summarizes what kind of learning method is "advanced mathematics for children 5 years old" as well.

5-Year-Olds Can Learn Calculus - Luba Vangelova - The Atlantic

Before learning "mathematics", the way to learn by arithmetic, geometry, differentiation, integration and ordering equations as entrance, accumulating the calculation of arithmetic operations, arithmetic of decimal number and fraction etc. as preparation, in Japan alone It is a common style also worldwide. And it can be said that becoming a high school student by a majority of people is frustrating in mathematics, becoming disliked by mathematics is also universal in the world.

Maria Drokuba, who is involved in the design of mathematics curriculum in the United States, attracts attention by advancing advanced mathematics education to reduce mathematics dislikes. Mr. Drokuba believes that training "mathematics dislikes" is due to the gradual learning style being done currently, and as a learning method of new mathematics to review such a curriculum, "From the time of childhood We touch on mathematical thinking "is advocated a learning method.

When asking "advanced mathematical way of thinking", it can not be impossible for a child to think, but according to Drokba, "advanced mathematics" is similar to "difficult mathematics". An advanced mathematical way of thinking refers to things that have sophisticated mathematical elements as a concept that supports the basis of things, it is different from difficulty of problem solving, and it is not difficult for children to learn that Mr. Drokuba I am talking.

For example, finding repeating patterns in shapes can be an advanced mathematical way of thinking. Also, Drokba thinks that analyzing the three-dimensional structure is nothing but advanced mathematics. According to this idea, for example, it is an advanced mathematical learning method to fold the shape of snow crystal with origami and to assemble a house using LEGO block.


Mr. Drokuba thinks that mathematical concepts are probably included in such play and I think that learning mathematics through play is important for cultivating mathematical education. This sophisticated mathematical learning method is "complicated but simple" and it is said that it is far more effective for learning mathematics than "simple but difficult thing" like a typical calculation drill .

Mr. Drokuba said, "Mathematical thinking is hidden in any field, it is used in design, used in craftsmanship and also for arts, and it seems like a formally taught at school It is totally different from differential integral etc. "

Mr. Dolukuba's advice "Method of learning mathematics through play" is rooted as a basis for mathematical socialization, and the quality is different from learning without play elements. Dolkuba thinks that style education that forcibly solves calculation drills without play elements will not help to cultivate logical thinking and to obtain a method of problem solving.

In mathematics learning through play, it is important not to be bound by routine methodology. Drokuba says that while teaching a lot of children, there are students who are always keen on class in the classroom completely differently, that their children are absorbing and growing amazingly many things I told you I noticed. Drokuba thinks that incorporating elements of play with free thought should help us to learn mathematics in the future.


Also, there is no need for everyone to learn routine mathematics uniformly. "For example," one diamond "has a variety of ways of capturing by people, a person who learns art will actually draw a diamond, a programmer will write a code to draw a diamond, a philosopher discusses the essence of a diamond If you have mathematical knowledge that you are interested in, it is enough and there is nothing to worry about living, "Drokba says. Of course, considering the future of humanity, mathematics can be said that there is no doubt that it is necessary, but becoming mathematics dislikes because you did not learn mathematics through play is a big loss.

ByUSAG Vicenza

In order to learn "complex but simple things" through such play, in order to acquire mathematical education, adults give children "matters related to mathematics" and think about it together Mr. Drokuba says that it is important. Fortunately, even in adults who are completely out of mathematics, modern society that can receive advice from people who like mathematicians on the Internet should be able to receive support for their children to learn mathematics altogether It is that.

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