How to make it successful by knowing the programming class for children aged 6 years

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Many engineers are asked about "How to teach children programming" in Stack Overflow. Most of the answers are based on ideas such as "computers are stupid, so we have to tell you exactly what to do in order to move", but this teaching method is "fun Although there is doubt as to whether it can be understood about programming though it is guaranteed, "Dr. Tomek Kachanovsky, who practiced" a method of teaching programming to a 6-year old child "with a different approach, Community sharing ideas "Dev.toI am continuing with it.

Explaining Programming to 6 Years Old Kids

Programmer Tomek Kachanovsky has two recent programming classes for children, and successful teaching of programming to a 6 year old child is two things:

· Attract children's attention by painting talking contents
In the programming classes that Mr. Kachanovsky did before, I explained a programming and drew a very large flipchart. The child seemed to be absorbed in an interesting picture, hearing explanation while laughing loudly without being interrupted.

· Explain based on what the child knows
Recent children have watched cartoons on YouTube, played games on tablets, and watched parents working with computers. Children also know that movies are recorded on discs such as CDs and DVDs, and I also understand that smartphones and tablets are very similar devices. In other words, if you explain based on YouTube or smartphone children have their hands in their everyday lives, it will be easier to understand.

Mr. Kacha Nofsky started from the programming class we went last time and started with the question "Do you know any programmers?" Although various opinions are given from children, finally Kachanovsky says "Programmers are computer programmers, programmers know the words to teach the computer what to do. Programmers taught the definition that they are familiar with computers. "

Next, Mr. Kacha Nofski asked, "What is a computer?" All the children uniformly started talking about the notebook PCs used by their parents. After that Kachanovsky taught that computers are used not only for laptop PCs but also for smart phones, watches, cars, etc. In addition, by explaining what kind of role the computer plays in smartphones and cars given as examples, children begin to understand the concept of "computer".

Then Kachanovsky asked, "How is the weather forecast going?" As one of the smartest children answered, "The satellite knows the weather tomorrow." In addition to this, Mr. Kachanovsky explained that many machines (observation equipment) predict the weather tomorrow by sending data to the computer.

After teaching enough about "computer", Mr. Kachanovsky started explaining the "program". I told that "the computer is moving thanks to the" program "that tells me to do the fixed things. In order to better understand this, Mr. Kachanovsky painted the UI of YouTube and asked, "How many videos are there on YouTube?" Most of the children were confused, and some children shouted "millions!" "Infinite!"

So Kacha Nofski asked, "Can you put all the videos on YouTube on one disc?" In addition, Kacha Nofski draws a lot of discs, "If you are on YouTubePepper PigWhen you want to see a certain episode, how can YouTube find the disc containing the episode you want to see? I was told that he asked. Because all the children did not understand and the children did not understand, Kacha Nofsky quickly drew a picture of "database", he explained that he was able to convince him to explain its role.

After that, Mr. Kacha Nofski taught that "This is one of the jobs of the programmer and must have a lot of responsibilities about making programs that everyone uses." For example, when explaining about "program to protect movies from bad people", "if someone changed the database, what would you do if all the videos of" Pepper Pig "you want to see disappear?" As for the imagination of the child, "About the importance of the backup" is said to have asked, "What if the disc containing" Pepper Pig "broke?

Mr. Kacha Nofski also explained about "How does the computer work?" With a picture and taught that "CPU" and "programming language" are interesting languages ​​to talk only with 1 and 0 He said that. Although he seems to have talked about the simplest pseudocode and the example of the simplest programming, I noticed that children are beginning to lose their concentration around here, so I pointed to the picture I drew so far at the end " What was it? "I reviewed it and opened a programming classroom.

Kachanovsky who finished the programming class for children said that he learned the following.

· I was able to enjoy the programming classes prepared well enough more than I thought, and my child was also interested and I heard the programming classroom, so I felt a response
· Painting is very effective. In addition to attracting attention, it can easily be remembered by pointing to the picture that I drew even if I talked a while ago
· Be prepared to prepare for the same answers over and over again. In keeping with what somebody said, the child says that the same opinion will last on endlessly saying "I also know!" "I am also!"
· Some children get bored of what you do. You should remember that the concentration of children is very short
· Carefully draw letters and drawings. For example, if you write "1" that looks like "7", the theme is sometimes protested at that point
· There is no need for children to understand perfectly. Children think that YouTube recognizes that there are a lot of disks, but it is important that you understand the structure of YouTube, not technical details
· The programming class should be within 25 minutes. Even if it is made longer, the concentration of the child can not be kept.

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