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The programmer's thinking method which the person who is going to programming from now on and the concept of the world of the technology can understand with a picture book of age 5 years old can understand better "Ruby's lawn"is.Kickstarter of the Cloud Funding platform solicited investment and it was only 3 hours after the start of the project that the target amount of 10,000 dollars (about 1 million yen)It is the picture book that I reached the picture book, not only for children but also for novice programming, it is said that it is close to the essence of programming, so I actually bought it and read it.

"Ruby's Powder" Special Site

This is "Ruby's Powers". In a large book, the size is 24 cm × 18.8 cm × 1.1 cm.

I purchased it with Amazon, it was with the following stickers.

In all 114 pages, the thickness is about this.

When I tried turning around with Perry, there was a message from the author Linda Riukasu as "to the parents" first. Ruby's weapons are not books "learning how to write code" that teach about specific programming languages, but introduce the basic idea of ​​the "programmer's thinking method" that children need for future programming Thing. Through picture books "Children learn how to divide big problems into small problems, look for patterns, step by step plan, and think about things without being caught up in the frame," Riukas says .

There is no particular table of contents, but Ruby's division into roughly divided into the following four parts.

◆ Ruby and friends (Character introduction)
◆ Picture book (all 10 chapters)
◆ Let's do it yourself! (Activity / 10 items in all)
◆ Glossary

First of all, an introduction page of "Ruby and friends" characters. In addition to the main character Ruby, the characters are like penguins, django, snow leopard, robots, foxes.

Script languageRubyRuby whose name was taken from is a girl who likes to memorize new things and dislikes giving up. My birthday is the same February 24th as Ruby, and my favorite word is "Why?"

LinuxThe penguin, a mascot character, exchanges with "short, sometimes obscure language" and seems to live longer than everyone else.

Web application frameworkDjangoI do not like people gathering when they are lining up in a row and always have a magical power of knowing how to solve problems.

Besides that, I like to be alone and I like Zen and YogaSnow pantherYa

"I do not ask such things as having it cleaned or doing it properly"Robots.

Familiar with the browserFoxesThere was also.

This story is like this, it is an ordinary picture book at first glance, painted with a colorful and cute pattern with this feeling. Because it is for children, few letters are used, kanji are not used much, and all phonetic waves are waving for the kanji used.

Ruby does not like being told like "do this", so sometimes you get in trouble if you make an unclear order. For example, when it is said to his father that "I go to school so please put on your clothes", I will wear a dress from the top of the pajamas saying "I have not told you to take off pajamas first".

One day Ruby receives a letter from his father who is out. "Because I had five jewels, I found it, so please look for it" in the letter, but I have not written anything what I should do. From here, Ruby's jewelry searching journey begins. Ruby considers "What should we start with?" And Ruby, which started with planning because "a big problem that can not be overlooked is a small problem gathering", ...

First, I will find clues from my father's room. Discovering the cipher in which the penguin and snow leopard's whereabouts are written, which becomes "a trash for others, but a hint for Ruby".

Then Ruby prepares a map and maps the location of penguins and snow leopards.

When I went to the house of penguins and asked, "Do you have any jewels that Papa concealed?", The penguins asked for meaningless words such as "jewelry, kelp, scratched, obscene stone" It only returns.

When questioning the penguins, Ruby who noticed that it is necessary to say more detail in detail asked "Is it smaller than my chestnut, cut stone or metal, colored, rare thing, is not here?" Then the penguins answered "It's true!" And we were able to search for jewels together.

Meanwhile, at the fox 's house, the foxes repeatedly took over the work that the foxes had finished, and moved back and forth with still work as it was, moving efficiently.

So Ruby said, "If you have a bag containing seeds and the hole in the field is empty, please go to the next hole. If you come to the streak in the row, please go to the next row Repeat what you said up to five times. " Fries can do field work efficiently, Ruby finds jewels from the field.

"When recipes are shared, it will be more nice, so if you share it, you can become friends," tell the robots how to make cupcakes and make original cupcakes There was also a scene. By touching Android's idea of ​​open source, we can understand the concept of computer world naturally while reading a picture book.

Thought, challenging, repeating, ruby, but also in the scene across the river will fail.

Luby learns from failure while falling, and finds solutions. Can Ruby find five jewels? That is the main story.

Among the picture books of all 114 pages, the main volume is from page 6 to page 68, and from page 69 to page 109 are activities and exercises based on the content of the picture book.

Ten practice questions in all. The first exercise question is to promote understanding of the importance of giving awareness in a way to give accurate instructions in ordinary, giving instructions in the correct order, recognizing patterns, finely dividing things That's why I am planning to acquire three programmer's thinking methods: sequencing (ordered commands), subdividing and finding patterns.

Ruby wearing clothes on the pajamas with holes in the father's toes in the main part, this is a computer's main thing. It's practice to write out what you want people to do in order, as if you were instructing the computer to do what they were saying.

Also, referring to the pattern of Ruby's clothes from Monday to Friday, "finding a pattern" to consider clothes on Saturday and Sunday was "Lens 3".

Penguins who speak languages ​​you do not understand that appeared in the main part symbolized the data structure. The fourth item is a practice of how to decipher words of penguins using ciphertext and put together data.

Ruby, who was instructing the flesh to do the work, was doing "case classification" in the programming. In the exercise, I will learn two cases of "if (if ...) then" then "if (if ...) else (if not)".

Also, in the picture book Ruby puts a bridge to cross the river, but this challenge fails. This represents bugs and debugging, and you can learn about debugging methods with exercise problems as well as the concept of pair programming.

Finding bugs is a practice exercise called "Ojama insect repelling" that finds insects that have only one animal.

Of the process of "Let's settle down → rank the spoon → put the birthday cake on the table → spread the tablecloth", what is wrong in achieving the purpose? It is debugging (bug crushing) to find out that.

The tenth item of the exercise is a sugoru that readers gather cupcakes themselves by using the algorithms / case classification / looping concepts that we have understood in previous exercises.

And lastly, there was a glossary of "for adults" to understand words such as algorithms, functions, sequences, boolean values ​​etc. that appeared in picture books.

That being said, the contents of the picture book itself is easy to understand, "It is understandable even for children 5 years old", but the concept and idea of ​​the computer world is scattered in the story, only the child is reading it alright But in the future era you can focus on the basic knowledge of important technologies. The second half may be a bit difficult for children, but for someone who wants to understand programming from now on, it comes in very useful content, and the head frozen in the words "variable" and "operator" Even such a person was able to acquire basic programming thinking.

In addition, Ruby's buy can be purchased from Amazon from 1944 yen including tax.

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