Minecraft distributes the memorial map in the first anniversary of release on Windows 10, Oculus Rift correspondence is near

"For Windows 10"Mine CraftIn commemoration of the beta version celebrating the first anniversary of delivery, we distributed a 1st anniversary roller coaster map to run through the fantasy world. Minecraft corresponding to the VR headset "Oculus Rift" is also mentioned in Mojang's blog.

Minecraft on Windows 10 is one year old!

The 1st anniversary roller coaster map can be confirmed from the following movie.

Minecraft on Windows 10 is one year old! - YouTube

Rails are laid in places like grasslands, and we will go on a roller coaster there. Even with a roller coaster, it is going at a slow speed.

Pass through locations like grassy plains and run through dark caves.

As I passed through the cave, a clear blue sky was spreading.

The roller coaster is progressing like a place like an island floating in the air. A lot of floating blocks can be seen ahead.

Enter into a big house ......

When climbing up the rail ... ...

Arrived at a place like outer space to let the meteorite drift.

I am going through the psychedelic space whether it is fantastic.

When I go through the fantasy too much space, I arrive at one building.

There was a signboard in the building that says "Thank you for a wonderful year!"

Behind the signboard is a cake from Minecraft.

Anyone can make a roller coaster map created with the 1st anniversarydownloadIt is possible. Also, it is said that response to Oculus Rift will start within the next few weeks.

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