A movie to actually play AR version 'Minecraft Earth' is released, and it is possible to enter Micra World in AR space

' Minecraft Earth ' is

a game for smartphones that makes the world of ' Minecraft ', which is considered to be the best-selling game in the world, descend to reality using augmented reality (AR) . Minecraft Earth is actually played at the stage of WWDC 2019, Apple's annual conference for developers, and the appearance is shown on YouTube.

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Minecraft Earth AR WWDC 2019 Demo-YouTube

Soon after the movie began, Lydia Winters, the founder of Minecraft , and Chief Brand Officer of Mojang, and Sax Person, Creative Director, appeared. The two move to the front of a large black platform.

Nothing is listed on the table ...

In the world of Minecraft Earth, it seems that there is a 'crest' on the platform.

A trocco is moving around in the coffin and on the rail of the outer wall, fireworks are launched, and the world of Minecraft Earth is moving in real time.

When Lydia uses her smartphone from the side and throws water at a pot ...

A puddle appears at the top of the brow.

You can use a pickaxe to dig the walls of the fence.

It is also possible to install a block.

It seems that Minecraft Earth can also make your character appear in AR space.

Using motion capture , it is also possible to reflect human motion on character motion. In fact, when Lydia shakes his hand, the character also follows and shakes his hand. Also, it seems that this motion capture function is limited to the iOS version.

However, Minecraft Earth was a production from here. When Lydia says 'Let's use the stage,' the drop suddenly falls into the 'hole' that appears on the stand.

A block appears to surround the space on the stage ...

A huge version of the ax described earlier appears.

It looks like Lydia is standing on the stage.

On Minecraft Earth, life-size Lydia appears to be in the world of Minecraft. 'I'm in minecraft now!' Says Lydia. In addition, the function that humans actually enter the world of Minecraft seems to be limited to the iOS version.

Even in a space where nothing seems to exist in reality ...

There are a lot of chickens like this on the screen of Minecraft Earth.

When Lydia activated the device installed in the fort, a hole was opened in the ground.

There are two skeletons inside. I will attack with a bow and arrow.

The player Sachs arranged two skeletons with a bow and arrow.

The underground seems to be expanding quite large space.

Naturally, there is no underground hole in the real world. With Minecraft Earth, it looks like the world has expanded.

Lydia suddenly said, 'Sax, creeper behind you!' When Sachs turns around and turns around ...

There is an enemy character creeper who is attacking himself near the player.

The creeper explodes as it is. Mr. Saxophone's screen was blown out, and the play demo ended.

'Minecraft Earth turns the real world into your 'playground'.'

Minecraft Earth is playable on smartphones running Android 7+ or iOS 10+. Also, the closed beta version of Minecraft Earth is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2019, and hundreds or thousands of players can play the game ahead. If you want to participate in the closed beta test, you need to sign up .

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