"Cup noodle rich luxury, it's suppump soup taste & luxurious shrimp shark's fin soup taste" that the cup noodles became sophisticated and satisfied, the taste review

Nissin celebrated the 45th anniversary of the world's first cup noodle "cup noodle", the first premium series of cup noodles "Cup noodle rich"Has been released. A Japanese style soup with powder of the turf "Luxury it is taste of soup taste"And the Chinese style soup finished with oyster sauce"Shabu-fin spice soup flavored luxury"It has become two kinds of lineup, and I tried to eat two types of actually how much rich cup noodles can be eaten just by adding hot water.

"Cup Noodle Rich Luxury Soupon Soup Taste / Luxurious Shrimp Shark's Fin Soup Taste" (released on April 11) | Nissin Food Group

The blue one is "cup noodle rich" "luxurious soup soup taste", the red one is "luxurious dumpling shark fin soup taste".

Add both "luxury finished flavor oil" added before eating.

It is said to contain collagen 1000 mg formulation.

For luxurious soup flavor ingredients, there are plenty of ingredients such as chicken extract, seafood extract, flavor oil, lard, collagen peptide (derived from fish), sponge powder, shiitake mushroom extract, pork extract, etc. in soup.

The energy per meal is 304 kcal.

Looking at the raw materials of luxurious mushroom shark's fin soup taste, soup contains animal fat and oil (pig, chicken), chicken extract, pork extract, collagen peptide (derived from pigs, shark's fin), oyster sauce and the like, It seems to be becoming.

The energy is 368 kcal per serving, it seems to be slightly more luxurious and higher than the taste of the turpee soup.

Luxury It turns out that the lid of the turpedo soup taste turns out that you have plenty of ingredients.

Luxury thickening shark's fin soup taste is a little bit of ingredients.

So I will pour hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, lavishly finished flavor oil drips before eating ......

It's luxury, and the completion of the taste of the turpedon soup is like this.

When eating it immediately, the finish which was clamoring with ginger which smells faintly with the taste like an elegant salt soup which the flavor of the fish was effective. Because I am not persistent, I can drink soup gruelly.

There are plenty of chicken blots as ingredients ... ...

We also found wolfberries, white onions and shiitake mushrooms. For a moment I thought that Shiitake is a supplement, but not so, the turf is blending in powder as a flavor.

Next, the luxurious broom and shark fin soup taste with melting and thickening. Luxury finish I will eat it with flavor oil.

As it is thick, the soup is tangled with noodles and a richer taste. The Chinese soup feels the richness of oyster sauce, it is transmitted that imagining shark fin soup. For example, a feeling that added oyster sauce to the soup of a taste (wiper) and tossed it.

Yellow ingredients involved in noodles are finely shaved finished products. I do not understand that I am thin because I am not careful, but I can taste the shark fin feelings. There are other wolfberries and komatsuna as well.

Either way there is only "cup noodle rich", the elegant and more refined sense of satisfaction after meals is higher than normal cup noodles. The suggested retail price is set at 220 yen, which is not included in the price, but it is set slightly higher, but you can taste different cup noodles.

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