"Nisshin karaou PREMIUM shark's fin soup taste" feel sticking to soup anyhow, regardless of shark fin

"Nisshin Ryou Cup Noodle" up a notch from "Nissin kara PREMIUM"You can enjoy a luxurious taste like eating at a fine Chinese restaurant"Shark's fin soup taste"Has appeared on January 2, 2017 (Monday). I really tried to eat it actually whether it is becoming "a rich taste like shark's fin soup thoroughly cooked in the pot".

"Nisshinbo king PREMIUM shark's fin soup taste" (released on January 2) | Nissin Food Group

I bought Nisshin Kara PREMIUM shark fin soup taste. It has become a package of design that reminiscent of high-end Chinese restaurant.

Shark fin finished with astragalus in the lid .... If I thought that, I found a note on the right end "a shakuhile style windmill is a processed product of gelatin".

Shark's fin not appearing even when looking at raw materials.

The energy per meal is 555 kcal.

When opening the lid, inside, it gently · seasoning oil · liquid soup was contained.

When you open the first-come, first-served mackerel, there is a scent of shrimp like a shrimp.

It is after 5 minutes that you can add hot water and eat it. Warm up the remaining soup on the lid.

After 5 minutes it is necessary to soup soup well and mix well.

Put them all and stir well and it's done.

First of all I will try eating shakuhire style wind gathered in the center. Coupled with a rich soup with bite-punchy texture, it may not be said to be shark's fin soup.

The noodles are truly "raw bread" which should be referred to as king of the rice, and the texture is rich in texture, and it is unlikely that I just returned with hot water. I break the common sense of common cup ramen.

The shark's fin wind hurriedly scattered around here when putting hot water and stirring, but it is pretty well in.

The blue chestnut and chestnut crickets also produce Chinese soup っ ぽ っ.

Soup is a thick type with a thick oil and thick type, the end will float until you stir well. There is no sign of junk tend to be found in the cup ramen at all, a finish with a luxurious feeling based on soy sauce. However, because it is quite heavy, it may be a little tough to drink. If you think "you can taste the finest shark's fin soup" you might get a shoulder watermark, but as a cup noodle in the high-end price zone, it was a finish that feels commitment.

In addition, Nisshin Oil King PREMIUM shark fin soup taste is on sale for 290 yen excluding tax.

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