Gattsuri oily using lard, chicken oil, garlic oil `` Super cup large serving Abra! Abra! Abra! Rich oil soba '' tasting review

Ace cook's new work `` Super Cup Large Abra! Abra! It is said that it is finished in a rich and delicious taste with pork fat, chicken oil, and garlic oil, so I actually ate this product that I got ahead of time.

Super Cup Large Abra! Abra! Abra! Thick oil soba
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The package of 'Super cup large serving Abra! Abra! Abra! Rich oil soba' looks like this. As far as you can think of 'fat', 'oil', 'oil' and 'oil', it contains plenty of oil elements.

Raw materials include lard, flavored oil (vegetable oil, garlic, salt), soy sauce, chicken oil, pork extract, chicken extract, etc. Kayaku is seasoned pork, green onions, and chili peppers.

The calorie is 842kcal per serving and the fat is 45.2g.

When I opened it ......

Inside was quick, seasoned sauce, and seasoning oil.

First of all, I will put in the quick.

Then add hot water and wait 5 minutes. At this time, warm the seasoning sauce and seasoning oil on the lid.

After 5 minutes, discard the hot water.

It looks like this after opening the hot water. Slightly thick noodles are wavy.

Next seasoning sauce ......

Add seasoning oil.

Seasoning oil contains grain garlic.

Mix well and you're done.

The sweet pork fat and the sharp smell of garlic pierce your nose, giving you the strength of a so-called 'Jiro-style' ramen. While eating, I also tasted the texture of crispy grain garlic. Seasoned with a salty soy sauce base, the scent of chicken oil is modest. The noodles are thick and sticky with moderate elasticity and are quite heavyweight. When you're hungry and want to eat noodles with plentiful oil and garlic, it's sure to satisfy your cravings.

The price of `` Super Cup Large Abra!

In addition, plans to sell 12 pieces at 3358 yen including tax, and acceptance of pre-orders has begun.

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