A movie "Safe and Sorry" explaining the reason why the government strengthens citizen surveillance by countering terrorism but does not lead to safety

Regarding terrorism that makes people frightened, the trend that it is important to control terrorists lurking in the country rather than terrorists abroad spreads globally, and since the 911 terror incident occurred in the United States, people's communication and information monitoring It is to be strengthened. In response to such a trend, a movie that "strengthening public surveillance is not safe"Safe and Sorry - Terrorism & amp; Mass Surveillance"Has been released.

Safe and Sorry - Terrorism & amp; Mass Surveillance - YouTube

Terrorism is a terrible thing. Especially when it happens farther and farther, fear becomes stronger.

Everyone wants to eliminate this fear, and we will ask for the enhancement of security.

And under the nomenclature of security, restrictions on rights became commonplace in the past decade, spy activities to the citizens by government agencies were conducted, and personal information gathered.

Whether it is to the left or to the right, regardless of the opinions the individual has, it can be said that everyone is involved.

Therefore, we should investigate and ask: "Is it safe?"

After 911 terrorism, the US government incorporated modern technology into the law.

A monitoring plan was created and intercepted the communications of terror organization "Al Qaeda".

The US government says, "If this were before 911, terrorism was prevented."

On the other hand, however, this has also been used to strengthen prejudice.

FBI notes Muslims especially from immigration records

80 thousand people are asked to register fingerprints, 8 thousand people are interrogated, 5 thousand people are prevented from being detained.

Among them, what terrorists actually found is "zero" ...

It will be called the greatest national racial discrimination after the Second World War.

The extent to which the government collected personal information has been decided in 2013Edward SnowdenIt was exposed by Mr..

NSA intercepts Microsoft and Google's Internet communications everyday in a special way and knows that he was watching personal mail.

In other words, the government was not monitoring the criminal itself, but monitoring all the citizens.

However, increasing hay (survey target) to search for dropped needle (terrorist) is serious.

After all, NSA found only the existing information.

Contrary to expected expectations, this mechanism is not preventing big terrorism.

The suspects of the terrorist attacks that occurred in the Boston Marathon were actually already subject to monitoring.

In other words, it is important to utilize existing information rather than collecting miscellaneous information.

In addition, the government's invalidation of encryption is also done. Early in 2016 FBI asked Apple for decryption technology of iPhone.

Apple stated that such technology risks personal information and that it could give huge authority to the government. Many security experts also agreed with Apple.

But a few weeks later, FBI succeeded in decrypting on its own and announced that the technology I requested from Apple was no longer needed.

What is the real problem of personal information and security?

With the technology NSA already has, your iPhone can be released ......

Web cameras such as notebook PCs are also known to be able to launch freely.

Some say that "There is no problem if there is no fault."

However, the problem of "oppression" remains there.

The feelings of wanting to keep a secret are not related to crime.

Many developed countries including the United States are democratic societies. But what will happen if a bad person gains power?

Anti-terrorism law may be used more often than crime other than terrorism. Moreover, the government will use it so that its effectiveness is strong.

Therefore, power needs monitoring.

Even if you are okay today, I do not know what will happen tomorrow.

For example, in 2015, France, which received terrorist attacks in Paris, expanded its anti-terrorism law, greatly strengthened authority such as searching for a house ......

Immediately afterwards, it is used to suppress environmental activists in an unintended form of law.

Freedom of speech is restricted in Spain, Hungary and Poland ... ...

Freedom of expression in Turkey has been in serious condition in recent years.

Today, criticism of the administration is a crime. And all these things have nothing to do with terrorism.

Even if the motivation is good, if "individual freedom" is to be threatened "terrorist win".

Therefore, if we do not pay attention, the monitoring nation will be completed.

Large scale surveillance that infringes rights does not produce much results ... ...

Rather, the data shows that it changes the essence of society.

Terrorism can be a complicated problem. There is no easy solution like solving with one button.

In other words, there is no way to find bombs in the cellar.

Here, you will need a sense of balance. For example, even when conducting a house search against an ordinary house, it is unlikely that a "master key" will be created that can open doors of all houses.

Power has expanded in many countries ... ...

The network of surveillance is widespread.

International cooperation is necessary to make good use of power.

We also need appropriate laws that do not limit the sharing of technology and policy, freedom.

The movie was preaching the importance of democracy and the right of freedom as "We must not let pride because of fear."

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