24k Gold Analogue Nt which is shinning golden golden compatible machine 24-gold which makes noises of 540,000 yen

Pure gold Xbox 360YaPure gold PS3Although sometimes it was sold, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Zelda's legend, only 10 testers worldwide were manufactured, a Famicom / NES game compatible machine wearing a golden body made of 24 gold "24k Gold Analogue Nt"is. A movie that unveils the actual machine has been released to those who actually obtained one out of ten.

24k Gold Analogue Nt - Analogue

24k Gold Analogue Nt is a 24 gold compatible machine that can play both Nintendo's NES and NES's NES cartridges in North American version.

Almost all parts except terminals and connectors are made up of 24 gold, the surface is finished by hand polishing. There are two cartridge inlets, and you can play either NES or NES cartridges you have. There are 4 outlets for the controller, and you can play a 4 player playable game directly without an adapter. Also a set of cartridges of 24k genuine Legend of Zelda is set, and the price is 4,999 dollars (about 544,000 yen).

In such a world you can see in the following movie how people who actually got 10k limited 24k Gold Analogue Nt are opening with excitement.

$ 5000 24k Gold Nintendo! - YouTube

A man who performs a deep breath while saying "I feel a little dizzy" before the unopened "24k Gold Analogue Nt".

"Here is 24 gold NES made by a company named Analogue that is not sanity at a price of $ 5000. Only people who buy tigers for pets can buy it, is not it?"

That's why I opened it severely.

As soon as I opened the box I laughed out "Ho ho ho ho ......".

As for what I found out, gloves to touch it without hurting 24 golden game machines was enclosed.

First of all I take out the cloth wrapping the body from the box ... ...

The legendary cartridge of 24k gold Zelda emerges at the bottom.

"A classic Japanese-made game, I shouted unintentionally"

And 24 gold body is also visible.

Looking at the terminal part on the back side, it is possible to connect not only the conventional RGB cable but also HDMI. When it stands up, it radiates a glow that can produce a golden shadow on the desk.

The back side has become a transparent plate, so that the board can be seen as it is.

There are four controller inlets on the front side.

I finished watching all the way so I got a golden cartridge on the golden body.

The contents are not different from the original, but it is amazingly shiny just by changing appearance. The man also says "It looks like an exhibit at a museum ... ...".

Analogue compared with "Analogue Nt" of 499 dollars (approx. 54,000 yen) with aluminum shaving previously sold. It is "24k Gold Analogue Nt" which was released at 10 times the price of Analogue Nt, but it has already reached the limited number of 10, it is sold out.

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