Receiver "Retro Receiver for NES" that wireless controller can be used on NES main body

Controllers of game machines, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and WiiU, have become as natural as they can be handled wirelessly except when charging is necessary, but it was common that the controllers once connected to the main unit were connected. The "wired state" is eliminated, and the receiver that makes the old type game machine correspond to the wireless controller is "Retro Receiver for NES"is.

8 Bitdo x Analogue - Analogue

8 Bitdo Retro Receiver for NES - 8 Bitdo Tech HK Ltd.

This stuff itself is 55.5 mm × 31.97 mm × 16 mm which is quite small. It corresponds to overseas version of family computer (NES)NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)All models of the NES compatible hardware of Analogue which is a joint developer of the receiver "Analogue NtCorrespond to. In addition, if it has the same controller port as NES, it means that it can be used, so it should be able to be used for "AV specification NES (New NES)".

Compatible controllers correspond to Wii U PRO controller, Wii remote control, PS 3, PS 4, receiver co-developers · 8 Bitdo all controllers · arcade sticks.

Wii U PRO controller

PS4 controller

Nintendo's controller-like "8 Bitdo FC 30 Game Pad"

This is Super Famicom Controller-like "8 Bitdo SFC 30 Gamepad"

The price of the receiver is $ 19.99 (2188 yen). If you are a virtual console you can play with the Wii U PRO controller, but there is a taste in the place where you dare to expand the NES body.

Retro Receiver for NES

By the way, in NES and Super Nintendo, there was a controller port on the main unit, it was a detachable type used by plugging in the controller cable, but NES Nintendo (Japanese version) main body as in the image of the box As for the controller, It was connected by. For this reason, when playing the game, when excitedly unintentionally pulls the controller strongly, the main body moves to rattle, the game stops and it can only be reset. If there was such a receiver and it could be wirelessized, that tragedy might not have happened ... ....

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