Nintendo's "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer" appeared Nintendo's Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer

Compact nintendo compact size hand-held size that was released in the USA and Europe "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer"Will also appear in Japan. Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, which has reduced NES console to about 60%, is home game machine which can play without exchanging cassettes, with 30 titles of nostalgic masterpiece games recorded.

"Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer" with 30 titles in palm-sized Famicom Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo enters "Re" with palm size! | Topics | Nintendo

Details of the Nintendo classic mini family computer and recorded titles can be checked from the following movie.

Nintendo classic mini family computer introduction video - YouTube

Nostalgic NES is ... ...

Leave the design of the controller intact ......

It became miniaturized and became hand riding size and came back.

To play the Nintendo classic mini family computer, connect the main unit to the monitor with HDMI cable ......

Just connect the micro - USB cable to the power supply.

Sliding buttons and turning on the power is the same as NES at that time.

The controller is also downsized.

There are 30 titles in all of the works. It is a specification that can not add a new game by downloading.

The recorded titles are as follows. "Donkey Kong"

"Mario Brothers"


"Excite bike"

"Balloon Fight"



"E Al Kung Fu"

"Super mario bros"

"The Legend of Zelda"

"The mystery of Atlantis"


"Makai village"

"The key of Solomon"


"Akumajo Dracula"

"Adventure of Link"

"Tightened sumo wrestling"

"Super Mario Bros. 3"

"Ninja Ryugendo"

"Rockman 2 Dr. Wiley's Mystery"

"Downtown hot-blooded story"

"Double Dragon II The Revenge"

"Super Soul Rui"

"Final Fantasy III"

"Doctor Mario"

"Downtown Hot Blood Marching Momentary Athletic Meeting"

"Mario Open Golf"

"Super Mario USA"

"The Story of Kirby's Dream Fountain"

"Save anytime" feature installed.

When you want to interrupt playing in the middle of a game ......

If you punch the reset button, save is completed.

It becomes possible to replay from the interruption point by this alone.

The screen size can be selected from 3 types. This is "4: 3"

"Analog TV"

"Pixel Perfect"

Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2016, suggested retail price is 5980 yen by tax.

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