Launched palm-sized Super Famicom "Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo", released in Japan on October 5

A palm-sized family computer Nintendo released in 2016 "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer"Super Nintendo Gaming Machine to be released"Nintendo Classic Mini Super NintendoWe announced. Overseas, on sale on September 29, 2017, the selling price is 80 dollars (about 9000 yen), but the expected release date in Japan is October 5, 2017 (Thur), the price is 7980 yen tax excluding tax is.

"Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Comic" featuring 21 titles of Super Nintendo

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Following the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (NES Classic Edition name), Nintendo announced that Nintendo will release a palm-sized Super Nintendo "Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo" with wired controller on September 29 .

The package looks something like this.

The body is palm-sized

The size of the controller is the same as that of the original one

The North American version of the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo has a fancy design "SNES Classic Edition"

The Europe version is the same appearance that is released in Japan "Nintendo Classic mini SNES"Will be.

About the release of the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo, it has been rumored since a while ago,Production stops for Nintendo Classic Mini Family ComputerAlthough it was thought that it was a morning stone, that guess becomes a reality thing.

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The overseas version of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer is only $ 60 for the main unit, it only comes with one controller, and if you want another controller, you had to purchase it separately for $ 10. However, the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo has two wired controllers on the main body, so you do not need to procure additional controllers. Furthermore, the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo comes with a replica controller of the same size as the original Super Nintendo, and the length of the code isApproximately five feet(About 1.5 meters), so the codeAbout 80 cmIt seems that handling is considerably easier than the controller of the Nintendo classic mini family computer.

Since the game titles recorded in the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo are 21 in total, 9 titles are getting less than 30 kinds of Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer. Also, Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro designed for Wii and Wii U can continue to be used on Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo, as it was able to be used with overseas Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer.

Of the 21 titles included, Nintendo has 13 game titles, 3 from Capcom, 2 from Konami, 2 from Square Enix and 1 from Human.

The titles of the Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo are as follows, which is slightly different from the recorded titles of the overseas version.

· Super Mario World
· Do your best Goemon Yukihime rescued picture scroll
· Super Makai village
· The Legend of Zelda Triforce of the Gods
· Super Formation Football
· Soul Konbara Spirits
· Super Mario Kart
· Starfox
· Seiken Densetsu 2
· Rockman X
· Fire Emblem The mystery of the emblem
· Super metroid
· Final Fantasy VI
· Super Street Fighter II
· Super Donkey Kong
· Super Mario Yoshi's Island
· Pon in the panel
· Super Mario RPG
· Star's Kirby Super Deluxe
· Starfox 2

It should be noted, it is one of the Titles "Star Fox 2", the game that was never out into the world become that 22 years ago in 1995 to about 95 percent finished though despite shelved. It seems that you can play this if you clear the first stage of "Star Fox".

※ Phantom's title "Star Fox 2" recorded
- The phantom title "Star Fox 2" developed as a sequel to "Star Fox" is recorded ("Star Fox 2" will be playable if you clear the first stage of "Star Fox").
· The title will be released worldwide.

Speaking of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer, there are many people who sold out quickly from the launch and announced that the production ended without being able to purchase. However, Polygon, an overseas game related news media, asked Nintendo, "Although we can not issue specific numbers, we produce more SNES Classic Edition than NES Classic Edition (Overseas version of Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer) I heard that the comment saying "I will do it" is returned, and it seems that I can expect to reach more fans. Also, Nintendo said that he plans to produce SNES Classic Edition from September 29 to the end of 2017, which is the release date, but although production is not necessarily completed at that point, after 2017 As we have not announced anything about shipping, it seems better to get the person you care about early.

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