Voice of the overseas version of the Nintendo classic mini is finished and media such as "Why?" "Nintendo is not planning to make money"

Nintendo'sNESMiniaturized "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer」Was released in November 2016 and became a big topic in Japan, but its overseas version"NES Classic EditionIGN reports the end of production of the product.

Nintendo finished production of small NES Classic Edition in North America

According to IGN 's report, Nintendo' s representative will reveal that I will issue the following statement to IGN and end production of "NES Classic Edition". In addition to this, the person in charge said, "NES Classic Edition was not originally made as a product to be produced for a long time, but due to high demand, we will ship more than originally planned "It has revealed that there was no plan to sell for the long term originally.

The statement sent to IGN by the representative of Nintendo America below.

"In the area of ​​Nintendo, Nintendo receives the final shipment of NES Classic Edition this year.If you wish to purchase this machine, we recommend that you check the stock at the store. I understand that it was difficult to obtain NES Classic Edition We apologize for this matter We listen carefully to the user's feedback carefully and have great interest in NES Classic Edition. I am deeply grateful that I have supported the product. "

In response to this report, overseas technology / games related media simultaneously report production end of NES Classic Edition.

Eurogamer of the game related media reported in the heading "end of production of Nintendo Classic Mini NES (NES Classic Edition)", in the article "NES Classic Edition was released in November last year at 50 pounds (about 6800 yen) It quickly became out of stock and was sold at eBay etc. It is resale at present.When trying to purchase NES Classic Edition on eBay, it will be two to three times the price. "" In NES Classic Edition There are only 30 kinds of games and can not purchase any more, but choosing a game title is quite nice, "he says he is missing the end of the production of NES Classic Edition. Also, as the sales of NES Classic Edition were good, "Nintendo announced production ended is strange".

Nintendo Classic Mini NES is being discontinued • Eurogamer.net

Mashable of overseas news media says that "only explanation of the reason is missing" about the end of production of NES Classic Edition. In spite of consumer interest in NES Classic Edition being very high, Nintendo announced the end of production without any explanation "In companies that pay close attention to consumer feedback There is no point. In severe words I am sorry for the end of production of NES Classic Edition.

The NES Classic deserves more than a 'bye bitch' from Nintendo

Likewise, Polygon, a game related media, "If Nintendo does not dislike money, why end production of one of the best products on Earth? Polygon is not only confused but also angry The .NES Classic Edition was a wonderful product that we loved but still can not be obtained. "

Also, as NES Classic Edition is relatively easy to crack the system with on-line software as a cause of production termination, was not Nintendo discontinued production copyright violation? "" It may be too expensive or it may interfere with the success of Nintendo Switch. "Publisher who owns the rights of games installed in NES Classic Edition refuses license agreement and can not sell NES Classic Edition "There are possibilities." "In the latter half of 2017, in order to release a new NES Classic Edition with new color schemes, designs and games, maybe they are enhancing the rarity value of the original NES Classic Edition" I list it.

Four reasons why Nintendo may have discontinued the NES Classic - Polygon

Ars Technica of technology-related media coverage with the heading "Nintendo dislikes money, NES Classic Edition finished production". Also, in January 2017Performance reportNES Classic Edition sold 1.5 million units worldwide and Nintendo's president Tatsushima Kimishima said, "Although some parts take time to procure, we are making efforts to increase production," the consumer He pointed out that he had commented that he would make efforts to keep up with demand.

Nintendo hates money, discontinues the NES Classic | Ars Technica

The Verge, also a technology-related media, reports on the end of production of NES Classic Edition under the heading "Nintendo wants a soul rather than your money" heading. The Verge says "Nintendo's business strategy is difficult and difficult to understand, but it is probably genius", and ambival and overseasNintendo 3DSIt is said that the sales strategy that raises demand may be applied to the NES Classic Edition by keeping the supply low as shown in Fig.

Nintendo does not want your money - it wants your soul - The Verge

As with NES Classic Edition, it is unknown whether the Japanese version of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer will be discontinued at the moment, but the person who was procrastinating "I want a Nintendo Classic Mini but this time" It seems to be better to reserve inventory if you find one.

· April 14, 2017 14: 23 Addendum
There was also an announcement that production will be ended even once on the official website of the Japanese version of the Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer. In case of resuming production, there is notice again on the website.

Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer | Nintendo

This product has ended production once. When resuming production, we will guide you again on our website. (April 14, 2017)

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