Although Amazon began selling some popular items only for prime members, withdrawing with a large bashing

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Service that will deliver goods in less than an hour "Prime Now"Annual membership fee of 3900 yenAmazon PrimeWhile expanding its own services that members can use,Suddenly finishing free shipping other than prime members with no advance noticeIt is Amazon that surprised many consumers. Such Amazon's British corporation "」Began selling some popular items for prime members only. However, as multiple media reported this, it seems that we are repeating the cancellation and revival of limited sales.

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Amazon has added Prime Now and capacity unlimited photo storagePrime PhotoWe develop proprietary services such as,Start monthly planHowever, sells popular game titles for PS4 such as "Assassin 's Creed Syndicate", "Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)", "FIFA 16" for prime members only I made it into a too bold measure to do.

Associin 's Creed Syndicate "," GTA V "," Rainbow Six Siege "is a prime member in the title for PS 4 that was part of the popular game title if it was not a prime member from the morning of April 22, 2016 Game titles such as "FIFA 16", "Far Cry Primal", "Battlefield Hardline" were changed to PRIME MEMBER ONLY for both PS 4 and Xbox One.

Actually the sales page of GTA V for PS 4 is as follows ... ...

In the product page, the letters "purchase and shipment of goods will be limited to prime members" are written.

Of course the "Add to Cart" button disappeared and instead a free trial of prime members was being advertised.

In addition, it is unknown how many items are actually switched to sales with prime members only.

Game related news mediaVideoGamer.comWhen asked about this, "There is a point that one of the many advantages of Amazon prime is that you can purchase many exclusive items, and for customers who are not prime members, Whether you experience a 30-day free trial,Amazon MarketplaceThere is a choice left to purchase goods with "I heard that the comment has come back.

The limited response on suddenly occurred on Twitter as follows.

"Amazon seems not to sell interesting games unless we pay additional money."

"Is Amazon going to open a select shop of games only for prime members?"

In addition, there are users who protest that "why? Why?" In a GIF image easy to understand.

According to, seems to retract or revive limited game sales for some prime members of game titles. In the case of GTA V for PS4 below, prime You can purchase it even if you are not a member.

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