Every ingredient has eaten a hamburger with a nonstandard volume "thick cut Cheddar avocado burger & thick cut cider bacon burger" with Kua Aina

The thick cheddar cheese which is about twice as thick as normal is topped with Kua Aina'sThick Cutter Cheese Burger"Toppings of crispy bacon grown with lots of ripe avocado and lava rock"Thick cutting Cheddar avocado burger"&"Thick cutting Cheddar Bacon Burger"Has appeared. It was definitely a Boryumi ingredient that makes a difference from the hamburger that I was accustomed to eating at a fast food store, so I was sure that I could enjoy it, so I actually ate with Kua Aina.

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I just arrived at Kua Aina ......

A thick cut Cheddar Avocado Burger & Thick Cutder Bacon Burger was advertised in the shop.

That's why I ordered immediately. Thick cutting Cheddar avocado burger & thick cutting Cheddar Bacon burger takes about 10 minutes from order to delivery. Also, when ordering, you can choose the buns out of three of Kaiser roll, brioche and whole grain flour.

The goods arrived in about 10 minutes from the order. On the left is a thick cut cheddar bacon burger that chose Kaiser roll for buns, right is brioche thick cut cheddar avocado burger.

Beef patties are not oval but oval, the length is just a little shorter than the iPhone 6. Patty is thick, so it's quite a volume.

Thick-cut cheddar Avocado burger ingredients are avocado, grill onion, cheddar cheese, beef patty from the top ... ....

In the case of thick cutting cheddar bacon burger, instead of avocado, crispy baked bacon is put on.

Since both are offered in an open sand way ... ...

Once pulling out the tournament ......

If you pile up on the side with avocado, burger will be completed.

Thick cutting Cheddar This is the height when comparing avocado burger to iPhone 6. It is the level of finally having it in hand.

I tried to complete a hamburger in both. The one with the black sesame on the left buns is the thick cut Cheddar Bacon Burger of Kaiser roll, the thicker Cheddar Avocado Burger on the right. Although it seems to be overwhelmed by too much volume when arranging two, the thick cutting cider avocado burger is characterized by a slightly higher height.

Thick cutting Cheddar When you grab avocado burger by hand, it looks like this. If you do not pierce a burger with a toothhead, a lot of ingredients are contained so that it is impossible to keep this shape.

So when I try to eat it, the first thing I feel is the presence of beef patty overwhelmingly, even this still has a presence of meat saying "This is a real hamburger!" Seasoning has been made to make use of the taste of the material, you can directly feel the juicy taste of beef patty and the richness of thick cut cheddar cheese, and the mild mouth feel of ripe avocado. The grill onion also has a presence, and the awesome scent of brown seaweed is outstandingly compatible with burger.

However, thick-cut Cheddar Avocado Burger has a difficulty that avocado spills from polo and buns while eating.

Next I will eat thick-cut Cheddar Bacon Burger.

The overwhelming meat meat of beef patty, plus the juicy and savory flavor of bacon baked crisply, plus the taste for people who want to taste the meat more than thick cut cider avocado burger. The thick cut cheddar cheese also has outstanding presence, and compatibility with beef patty and bacon is quite satisfactory.

Since Kaiser roll has a stronger flavor than Brioche, it would be nice to choose Buns as if you want to feel the buns more, Kaiserlolls, Beef Patty than Buns, Brioche if you want to feel cheddar cheese directly.

In addition, Kua Aina's "thick cutting cherder avocado burger & thick cutting cadder bacon burger" is a single item for both items separately and a high price setting as a hamburger, but its volume is satisfying if you eat it in the skill It is a mistake-free quality.

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