I tried eating "avocado cream cheeseburger" of the first kitchen exquisitely with avocado and cream cheese with smooth texture to Tsun and kura wasabi soy sauce Mayo sauce

Add avocado and cream cheese, thick waste to soy sauce Mayo sauce "Avocado cream cheeseburgerThe first kitchen is offering from April 14, 2016. I tried to eat it immediately because the avocado and cream cheese with smooth texture, it became a hamburger with accented wasabi soy sauce Mayo sauce coming in tune and nose.

"Premium Bacon Egg Burger" "Avocado Cream Cheese Burger" New Release! | First Kitchen

Arrived at the first kitchen.

We have found a pop of premium thick bacon egg burger and avocado cream cheese burger sold as special series.

"Premium thick cutting bacon and egg burgerI'm eating in the past, so this time I will order avocado cream cheeseburger.

Avocado cream cheeseburger has been brought in about two minutes from the order.

The wrapping paper is described as "large selection".

This is an avocado cream cheeseburger and Bunbun uses Bran Buns. If you take it in your hand, it seems that the avocado will spill.

Taking the top buns, it contained sliced ​​tomatoes and cream cheese.

Below the cream cheese there are 5 avocados cut and there is pattie underneath.

I will eat it with paclit when I check the contents.

The smooth avocado and the taste of the meat are solid and compatibility is outstanding, and the wasabi soy sauce Mayo sauce which comes with the nose is very delicious. Wasabi soy sauce Mayo sauce is a level that you want to buy potato even if it is sold separately with exquisite balance of slightly soy sauce scent and mellow mayonnaise, and tsunani wasabi. However, it may be better to avoid those who do not like wasabi.

Avocado cream cheese burger is 480 yen including tax separately. There is no doubt that if you like wasabi and avocado you can be satisfied.

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