Policy not advertising to advertisement blocking users accelerates, French newspapers also follow

America's luxury paper The New York TimeswebsiteSo, for users using the ad blocking serviceHide articlesA major French newspaper company has started similar measures, and if you have turned on the ad blocking function like AdBlock etc, it is said that "To read articles, you can cancel ad blocking function The warning "is displayed" is displayed.

French news sites block the adblockers, telling readers to uninstall or lose access | Media | The Guardian

In France, three people in ten Internet users are using the ad blocking function, and it is said that 53% of users, 16 to 24 years old, use ad blocking as a marketing research companyIpsosFrom the investigationDiscovered. A major French newspaper company informs the advertisement blocker that "advertisement revenue is a major revenue source for newspaper companies and if advertisement is hidden by advertisement blocking service, it will hurt the income of newspaper companies" , We have started measures to hide the article.

On the daily newspaper Le Monde's website, opening an article with the ad blocking feature turned on, "Le Monde delivers high quality and reliable news every day, to hire about 400 journalists , We need to rely on advertising income, "says Jerome Fenoglio, editor in chief's message.


On the sports paper L'Equipe's website, you can not read articles unless you unlock or uninstall the ad blocking function.

Votre bloqueur de publicité est activé - L'Équipe.fr

Le Parisien's website will hide the article body when using the ad blocking feature.

Countermeasures against advertisement blocking services of newspaper companies were made by French business organizationsGesteIt is leading and will be held for about a week. This campaign includes a major music streaming service from FranceDeezerAlso, participating, "The content and services on the net are not free, advertisement is an indispensable element to play a part of the economy", the consumer understands, the purpose of uninstalling the ad blocking function There is that.

In addition to French newspaper companies, there is also a news site against the ad blocking function,Website of daily Bild BildWhen using the ad blocking function, "Ad blocking user can not view Bild's website in the future" is displayed, and in order to view the page, either unblock ad block or 2.99 euro per month 380 yen), you have to pay the subscription fee.

Warum sehe ich BILD.de nicht?

On the website of Economic Journal Forbes, we have taken advertisement blocking measures from December 2015, and if you turn off AdBlock, you can view non-advertised pages for 30 days.

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