The method of sending mail by dial phone in the 1980s was like this

You can connect to the Internet casually just by connecting to the LAN cable and Wi-Fi, but until a while agoDial upIt is common to connect to the Internet at the time of connection "Peehyororo ロ ♪There must be some people who remember the sound. However,World Wide Web(WWW) appeared and even before the URL was born, there were people who searched for information or exchanged e-mails on a network like running on the Internet. Technology specialized television program which was broadcasted in 1984 "DatabaseAn episode with "contains valuable appearance of actually sending mail.

How to send an 'E mail' - Database - 1984 - YouTube

A database of TV programs that feels the times.

In this time, Julien and Mr. Pat who use the microcomputer will demonstrate how to actually send mail.

First, connect the modem to the telephone line with a telephone cable.

This is a modem.

Next log inMicronetConnect the computer to the network named.

To connect to Micronet's main computer ......

I will dial the number of the main computer with a dial phone.

"Julien, it is very simple to connect, right?"

Julian says, "It's terribly simple." Noise is generated when connected to the main computer.

Switch on the modem when noise occurs.

I got back the phone and it was OK when I got here.

When connected to Micronet you will be prompted to enter your password.

Please enter your password and login to Micronet.

What is MicronetApple IIYaSinclair ZX 81,BBC Micro,IBM PC,PET 2001It was a service provided for devices called microcomputers such as the one like running on the Internet.

Micronet has pages such as "Today's News" and "Software Review", so you can send and receive mail using one of them.

"I think that not only young people but older people should also be interested in computers," Pat said that they are informing their doctor about prescriptions by e-mail.

This is the actual mail, the information of the sending / receiving source such as "From" "To" is displayed properly, there is a message under it, differently from the present and the display format.

Demonstration of sending and receiving mails in the second half of the program. When the moderator says Putt "find the page named 7776" ...

Pat sends a message to page "7776".

Looking at the computer in the studio ......

A message is displayed properly.

The woman 's woman says, "It is really easy to print this message, just press this button" and if you press the button of a device that seems to be a printer ... ...

It will be printed with Zuzzuzuzu.

In addition, at the end of the program, there was a message that felt the era of "Please open the page called Oracle182 to see the Database newsletter."

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