"Oldweb.today" which can surf the Internet with Internet browsing browser such as Mosaic and Netscape

Now that you can use a variety of browsers, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), Google's Chrome, and Apple's Safari, in 2016, when the Internet began to appear, Tim · Berners-Lee's "WorldWide Web", And then appeared"NCSA Mosaic"Or"Netscape Navigator"There were not many choices for users such as. It is possible to surf the Internet using old-fashioned browsers that were popular at such a dawn of InternetOldweb.today"I actually tried using the web service to see the old browser design.


When the above URL is opened, the page that is "Browser" "URL" "Date and Time" is displayed from the top.

First, click the browser box and select "Netscape Navigator on Windows 4.08".

Next, click "google.com" in the URL, "SURF THE OLD WEB" without changing anything on the date and time.

The page switched, Netscape 4.08 of Windows started on the right side and Google.com on November 29, 1999 was displayed.

I felt nostalgic about Google's UI, but nostalgic as well as various icons on the browser's toolbar than that.

Try typing "gigazine" on the search bar and press the "Enter" key ......

The page switched for a moment, but an error was displayed. The page displayed in the oldweb.today browser is the page stored in the world's Internet archive. In other words, since the search page of "gigazine" is not displayed, there is a connection error.

This is where I opened Google with NCSA Mosaic on Linux. Mosaic is one of the first browsers that can handle images, and it seems that the number of users of the Internet has increased due to the appearance of Mosaic.

I opened Google with Netscape 4.08 on Macintosh. People who do not know Netscape should have seen the Apple logo that was listed from the founding of 1976 until 1997, which is displayed in the upper left.

Furthermore, when using various browsers on the oldweb.today Macintosh, the browser start screen is displayed each time.

I tried opening Google on IE 4.01 on Macintosh. I can see that the design of IE is different than it is now.

This is the startup screen of IE 4.01.

Netscape 4.79 on Linux.

This time Mosaic and ...

Netscape ......

IE 4.01 on Windows and various browsers Yahoo! (Yahoo.com), it is interesting to see a different UI page even on the same date and time page request.

In addition, Yahoo! Japan Connection error occurred when opening.

Even if I changed the browser and entered a different URL, there were not many things displayed properly on the Japanese page.

Oldweb.today seems to give a nostalgic feeling to users who know the Internet dawn, fresh feeling to relatively new users.

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