I tried using bone conduction wireless headphones "CODEO" that can be used for music and call without closing my ears

Unlike earphones put in ear holes and earphones that cover the ears themselves, speakers that can deliver sound directly to the auditory nerve by directly vibrating the head bones are "Bone conduction speaker"is. Wireless headphone that can also make phone calls sold by Japan Computer Dynamics (NCD)CODEO (Kodeo)As it was a product incorporating the mechanism of bone conduction, I tried what kind of condition to listen to the sound and how I can talk.

CODEO (Kodeo) special page | Bone conduction wireless headphones that do not block the ear

◆ Body photo review
CODEO reached the editorial department.

Bone conduction speaker is used for CODEO, it is a device that performs wireless operation with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR. The frequency characteristic which is concerned is that it is 60 to 20.000 Hz, and it is understood that the treble is extending contrary to the expectation that "bone conduction speaker reproduces bass center".

The package contains CODEO, accessories, and instruction manual.

As an accessory, carrying case, Micro-USB cable, adjusting belt are attached.

The body of the CODEO has a structure in which the left and right bone conduction speakers are connected by an arm, and a battery, a processor, etc. are built in just the part which hits the back of the head.

Looking from the side like this. Put the curved portion on the right side facing towards your ears.

Right speaker up. With the buttons on the outside, it is possible to call incoming and redial functions of the phone, and to play and pause the music.

In the left speaker part, there are two small buttons that serve both the feeding and returning of music and volume control.

The bone conduction speaker part connected with a special screw can adjust the angle. Especially tools are unnecessary, it is possible to easily adjust the angle with your fingers.

At the bottom of the main unit is a Micro - USB terminal equipped with an elastomeric cover.

It is OK if the adjustment belt is installed like this. It fits into the shape of the back of the head and seems to suppress unnecessary tremors.

For the power supply of the main body, press and hold the switch under the "CODEO" logo for throwing in. When I turned on the power was turned on by female voice "Power, ON" and English was reproduced a little so I was surprised a bit.

When the power turns on, it turns to flashing blue and red, which means pairing with new equipment. In this state, this time Bluetooth setting on the smartphone side is done.

Setting is very easy. Open the Bluetooth setting screen of the terminal, locate the word "CODEO" and tap when it is displayed.

Then pairing is completed and you can use CODEO. At this time, CODEO again announces "Phone 1, Connected" in English.

◆ Attach the CODEO
The mounting method recommended by the manufacturer is also described in the instruction manual as follows. Adjust so that the bone conduction pad hits around the cheekbones in front of the ears.


Looking from behind like this. The body seemed to be able to be used without calming if it calms down around the midpoint between the back of the head and the neck.

Although it is possible to wear both CODEO and eyeglasses, depending on the compatibility with eyeglasses there seems to be feeling of pressure.

Listening to music at CODEO, trying to talk
While listening to music while I was wearing CODEO for a few days, I tried trying to listen to music or calling by phone or an application. First of all, with regard to music, we need to speak with a premise that "sound quality is not sought in the first place", so it can be said that there is not much to tell about the goodness of sound. The characteristic of CODEO is the most useful in the circumstances where the surroundings are noisy, and it was impressive that the music sounded strangely even in environments where hearing noise and noise was heard from the ear. To put it a bit more frankly, it is a slightly cyber expression that "the sound is being sent directly into the head", but since this is the language of bone conduction mechanism as it is, It seems not to be an impression.

Also, when you listen to music with CODEO, you may wish to considerably noticing that you do not raise the volume too much. Because of its structure, CODEO seems to leak sounds considerably, so it seems better to avoid using CODEO in places where many people gather, such as in a train.

The following movie that seems to understand the state of sound leakage and the state of bone conduction method well. While playing music with CODEO, it is a movie that puts the bone conduction pad on and off the acoustic guitar, but when the CODEO touches it, the guitar echoes a lot and you can see how the vibration of the sound is transmitted. Meanwhile, even if you release CODEO from the guitar, you can hear the music a little. This seems to be said to be an indication that CODEO is a headphone that leaks sound.

When the bone conduction speaker of "CODEO" is hit against the guitar, the entire instrument echoes - YouTube

* Earphone or headphone environment recommended

Regarding the call function, I did not feel any problem problem. While walking or driving a car, I tried a call while riding a bicycle, but I heard the other party's voice without being drowned out by noise, I realized that it was a very convenient item that I was able to talk I made it. It seems to be convenient when doing touring on a bicycle with friends, so this is definitely a place I'd like to wait for CODEO of the type that can wear motorcycle helmets with CODEO installed.

CODEO is on sale at the manufacturer's site, Amazon, etc, and the price was 12,960 yen including tax at the manufacturer site and Amazon.

Amazon.co.jp: CODEO (bone conduction) bone conduction headphone bluetooth wireless handsfree: home appliances · camera

Also, there is a showroom where you can listen to the actual sound of CODEO. At the time of article creation, it is limited to Tokyo but you can try it with NCD's showroom etc, so it seems that people who are interested may try walking.

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