Lightweight and easy-to-use Bluetooth earphone Review for 'JVC HA-FX23BT Wireless Earphone' for beginners

JVC Kenwood purchased " JVC HA-FX23BT Wireless Earphone ", a wireless model of the "Gumy" series which recorded more than 100 million items worldwide, purchased from August 18 (Sat) on Saturday, August 18, 2018 It is supposed to be able to do. It is a lightweight body that realizes a comfortable fitting feeling and operation is also very simple, and I decided to use it immediately because the wireless earphone is becoming an entry model that is easy for the first person to use.

JVC product information

JVC HA-FX23BT Wireless Earphone is in a plastic package.

Among the packages, earphone main body · USB cable for charging · Silicone ear pad of different size · Instruction book was put in the one with the attached one.

JVC HA - FX 23 BT wireless earphone body is like this. The left and right earphones are connected by a cable, and the remote control for operation is attached near the main body of the right ear side.

Remote control is equipped with 3 buttons "Raise Volume" "Play / Stop" "Decrease Volume", operation is very easy.

The silicon ear pad had a pad that was attached to the earphone from the beginning and a spare pad that was slightly smaller than that.

To charge the earphone, insert the MicroUSB cable into the Micro - USB terminal on the side of the remote control OK. There is a notice that the USB - to - AC conversion adapter is to use the one whose output is "DC 5 V".

When charging started, the indicator on the "Volume up" button side of the remote control turned on red.

When charging is completed, the indicator turns off automatically. It takes about 2.5 hours from the empty state to full charge, and it can be used for about 4.5 hours continuously when it is fully charged.

When connecting the earphone and Bluetooth device for the first time, with the earphone turned off, press and hold the power button on the remote control for about 3 seconds. Then the indicator on the remote control will blink alternately between blue and red, and the pairing standby state will be entered.

Then, search "JVC HA-FX23BT" on the Bluetooth setting screen of the terminal you want to connect with the earphone and tap it ...

The indicator on the remote control turned to blue flashing, and pairing was completed. Please enter "0000" if you can ask PIN code when connecting.

If you turn the cord behind the neck and wear earphones, the ear pads will fit tightly, so there is no worry of coming off even if you shake your head somewhat. The weight was only 12 g, the ear pad was also soft, and the feeling of wearing was very light, which was characteristic. It seems that it will not get tired even if it is used for a long time.

The controller just hangs down to the right side of the neck, you can easily operate the controller with one right hand.

When I actually listen to music, I feel that clear and sound quality. When adjusting the volume, I quickly felt quickly to press and hold the volume button for a long time rather than pressing the "increase the volume" or "lower the volume" button ten times. With the high sound quality driver unit adopting the high magnetic neodymium magnet, it is compact and lightweight, but you can play balanced and powerful and clear sound from low to high frequencies while playing.

You can also press the power button to exit the phone that hits the connected smartphone. Since the microphone is built in the earphone itself, handsfree calling is possible as it is.

In fact, if you finish pairing, you do not need complicated operation, and because there are few buttons, you can see that you can start using Bluetooth earphones very easily. Even those who say "I never used a Bluetooth earphone because it seems to be somewhat difficult", I felt it was an entry model that I could easily start using.

JVC HA-FX23BT Wireless Earphone is now available for booking on Amazon with two types of black and white from Wednesday, August 15, 2018, and the price is 3326 yen including tax. On the first day of sale on August 18, 2018, during the period from 0:00 am to 23:59 p.m., a sale that can be purchased at 2680 yen with a 19% off is carried out in unlimited quantity.

JVC HA-FX23BT wireless earphone gummy phone / Bluetooth compatible / remote control with microphone / high sound quality / compact / lightweight design Black HA-FX23BT-B

JVC HA-FX23BT Wireless Earphone Gumihon / Bluetooth compatible / Remote control / With microphone / High sound quality / Compact / lightweight design White HA-FX23BT-W

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