Up to 20 hours continuous playing possible & Anker's portable folding portable Bluetooth headset "Soundcore Vortex"

Anker familiar with mobile batteries and peripheral devices of PC, Bluetooth headphone entry model "Soundcore Vortex"Will appear on May 22, 2018. I was able to continuously reproduce for up to 20 hours with charging for 3 hours and I got a Soundcore Vortex that I can voice call with CVC 6.0 Noise Canceling Function & Microphone installed earlier, so what kind of thing actually I use I checked it.

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The outer box of Soundcore Vortex looks like this.

As I opened it, the headphone case of Soundcore Vortex remained intact.

The headphone case is a solid hard case type, with the logo of Anker carved on the surface.

The headphone case is rounded as a whole, and you can see the size of iPhone X long side 143.6 mm side by side.

In addition to the Soundcore Vortex main unit, the hard case included a manual, a warranty card, a support contact, a charging cable and a 3.5 mm stereo audio cable.

MicroUSB terminal charging cable

The 3.5 mm stereo audio cable has a button and a microphone. By inserting it to the audio output terminal, it is also possible to use Soundcore Vortex as a wired headphone.

By folding the left and right ear cups, the headphone body will be easier to carry and store in the hard case.

When I expand the ear cup, it looks like this. It weighs about 259 g.

The ear cup made of synthetic leather has an elliptical shape, the major diameter is about 55 mm, the minor diameter is about 45 mm, the depth is about 20 mm, it can be worn with a feeling that it covers the ears completely rather than putting it on the ear, attaching for a long time Even though I do not feel tired.

A headphone jack is attached to the right ear part of the headphone, and a terminal of the MicroUSB charge cable is attached to the left ear part. A rubber cover is also attached to the terminal part of MicroUSB.

The slider is designed to extend one by one at the left and right, each about 25 mm.

There is a power switch on the front of the right earcup, and when it is pressed for a long time it will start.

When starting without any problem, the sound effect "GUYEN" "POROLLON" sounds, the LED on the bottom of the earcup lights up in blue. It is possible to play continuously for up to 20 hours when connecting in the Bluetooth state.

If you are connected to an iOS 6 or later iOS device, you can check the battery level from the iPhone or iPad.

Charging will be fully charged in about 3 hours if you connect the cable to the PC or AC adapter.

There was also a button for volume adjustment behind the right ear cup.

I tried wearing it by the editorial staff. Since it covers the ears completely, there is no particular sense of pressure and discomfort, especially no sound leakage. About the sound quality, the impression that the high tone and the bass are balanced and is gathered. From the editorial staff who regularly used headphones regularly, there was an opinion that "Personally there may be a little bass, but I think the treble sounds clear and I can use it without problems".

However, when I asked the editorial staff to perform the button operation of the right ear, it was quite handy. Especially the volume button has few irregularities, and the position and size of the button is difficult to understand only by the sense of the finger, so impression that a considerable accustomation is necessary for operation. It may be easier to do with smartphones and portable audio players regarding the volume and pause of volume.

In addition, Soundcore Vortex has a built-in microphone and features CVC 6.0 noise canceling function that cuts noise during calls. It is possible to receive telephone calls in the city with Soundcore Vortex on. Actually, when I called the editorial staff while wearing the Soundcore Vortex at the intersection where there are many car streets and crowds, "I hear the car sounds a bit, but it sounds clear at a sufficient level to talk" was.

The price of Soundcore Vortex is 5999 yen (including tax), and if this performance is at this price, it is quite ant at the level which we can recommend fully as an entry model of Bluetooth headphone. Editing members who normally use Bluetooth earphones are cheaper than the model they are using and also commented that they are sufficiently attractive even if only the portion that can be played continuously more than doubled time is sufficiently attractive.

Also, when using Bluetooth earphones / headphones in the streets, the Bluetooth communication is interrupted and the music is cut off or noise is sometimes entered, but wearing Soundcore Vortex and walking around the city It was a nice point that there were few scenes that would be interrupted even if it was.

As a result, the point that it is difficult to push the operation buttons mounted on the ear cup is a pity. Although Soundcore Vortex can perform various operations with a combination of a power button and a volume button, it took time to search for a button, removed headphones from the head and looked for "where was the button?" There were also times that I had to do it several times.

Anker's Soundcore Vortex is available on the following Amazon link from Tuesday, May 22, 2018. Although the list price is 5999 yen including tax, it is said that up to 300 pieces can be purchased with 4999 yen including tax of 1000 yen OFF, so we recommend that you check early if you care.

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