'History book' 'MSV Generation' that traces from the birth to the end of MSV (Mobile Suit Variations)

On May 16, 2018 (Wednesday), Ohta Publishing published 'MSV Generation: Our Gunpla Revolution for Us'. The author is

Masahiko Asano, a model culture writer. As the prologue says, 'I would like to put together a book as a document based on a journalism perspective, not a complete collection of plastic model records (so-called completed sample photobooks) that is common for MSVs,' not a pictorial record or a photobook, but at that time. It is a material that conveys the enthusiasm of.

MSV Generation 'Gundam Model Revolution' for us by us-Ohta Publishing

The cover is covered with the box art of the first MSV series 'MS-06R Zaku II' by

Kenichi Ishibashi.

First, the color page follows. 'Model Information' is a new product information magazine published by Bandai, and this red aircraft is Zaku II of

the creative character 'Johnny Leiden' that was popular in MSV. This is also an illustration by Mr. Ishibashi.

A lot of box art that expands the image.

An illustration of 'Zaku Variations' by Kunio Okawara, who triggered the birth of MSV, is also included.

According to the prologue, the author Asano-san had long thought 'I want to read something that is neatly organized (about MSV)' and 'someday someone will put it together', but at last I have to do it. It seems that he decided to make this book.

The table looks like this: 'MSV as a prologue' Woodstock Festival '' 'Chapter 1 The eve of the birth of MSV (February 1980-March 1982)' 'Chapter 2 The impact of' Zero Roquer '( 'March-December 1982)' 'Chapter 3 Commercialization started, and consecutive wins following consecutive wins (December 1982-June 1983)' 'Chapter 4' Out of bullets '(1983) July 1984-September 1984) ”……

'Chapter 5 The Time of the End of' Gunpla Revolution '(October 1984-October 1985)' 'Special Project 1 OUT Special Edition' Space Shoking Warriors GUNDAM CENTURY 'Interview with Tetsuo Daitoku' 'Special Project 2 1/144 MS-06R Black Tri-Stars Zaku II Designer Former Bandai Masatoshi Muramatsu Interview ”“ Epilogue A little longer postscript for Mr. Satoshi Kato ”“ MSV full lineup 34 ”.

'Chapter 1 The Eve of the Birth of MSV' describes the history of 'Gundam's plastic model (hereinafter referred to as Gunpla)' from Bandai's acquisition of the right to commercialize Mobile Suit Gundam to the appearance of MSV.

The heading in the chapter looks like this.
'Acquisition of product rights after the program aired' and a big hit with the decision to make it into a theatrical movie
Encounter with Yasui, Bandai model, and stream base
'Zaku variation' born from an unexpected opportunity
The publication of a certain book determined the fate of Gunpla after that.
-Finally designed 'Black Tri-Stars R-type Zaku'

'Yasui' is Mr.

Hisashi Yasui , who later became the producer of MSV. We are also planning and supervising the 'Mobile Suit Gundam Anime Graph Book for the Movie,' which features four types of 'Zaku Variations' by Kunio Okawara.

Anime Graph Book Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam | Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Kunio Okawara | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

Streambase is a group of legendary modelers who will later support the development of MSV. Asano-san wrote the monthly Hobby Japan separate volume 'HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM', which contains a collection of Gunpla remodeling and examples by talented pro modelers including stream base, from Phase 1 of assembling the plastic model according to the animation settings and package illustrations. It is taken up as a transition to Phase 2 where MS is regarded as a real weapon and finished realistically.

HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM | Hobby Japan Editorial Department, Sunrise | Models / Plastic Models | Books | Amazon

'GUNDAM CENTURY' published by Minori Shobo in 1981 was named as the book that 'determined the fate of Gunpla after that'. Minori Shobo went bankrupt in 1995, but a reprint was published by Jisosha in 2000. The content was 'Gundam's Derivative Work Mook' in which Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was in charge of the script of the main story, and Kazutaka Miyatake and Shoji Kawamori of Studio Nue, who are known for 'The Super Dimension Fortress Macross', joined hands. However, the precise settings were later incorporated into the Gundam World, which greatly contributed to the expansion of the world.

GUNDAM CENTURY RENEWAL VERSION ― Space-flying warriors | | Books | Mail order | Amazon

The second chapter, 'The Impact of'Zero Roquer',' following the first chapter, which was the prehistory of MSV, describes the era when MSV developed as a collection of design drawings and examples.

The headings in the chapter look like the following.
・ Momentum for commercialization of MSV accelerated by the appearance of 'Zero Roquer'
・ 'HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM' shock, again!
・ Is 'Gundam model dark children's manga magazine' allowed so far !?
・ 'MSV push' that makes full use of Bonbon magazine

'HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM 2' published at this time contains examples of major remodeling and full scratch builds more than 'HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM', and it seems that modeler boys were longing for and despairing. ..

HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM 2 (How to make Gundam Vol. 2) (Monthly HOBBY JAPAN separate volume) | Hobby Japan | Books | Mail order | Amazon

In 'Comic BomBom', which was first published in 1981, Mr. Yasui wielded his skills and created a flow of 'elementary school students stepping into the world of Gunpla' with a special feature on Gunpla and 'Plamo-Kyoshiro'.

Pramo Koushiro (1) (Kodansha Manga Bunko) | Koichi Yamato, Craft Team | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

And the third chapter is the era of MSV advancement, entitled 'Commercialization start, and consecutive wins after consecutive wins'.

The headings in the chapter look like the following.
・ Who brought up MSV and brought it to commercialization?
・ Unraveling 1/144 06R as 'a monumental tower in the history of Gunpla'
・ What the 'Oda x Ishibashi' hotline brought to box art
・ Innovation that 'captures the modeling sense of a cutting-edge pro modeler'
・ The 'MSV boom' has finally arrived and the media mix has exploded.
・ Antinomy existence called 'Gundam full armor type'
・ The peak of the MSV boom as the 'mood' embodied by Bonbon

Regarding the MSV that came to be released as a package as well as an illustration, how did Bandai come out with the product, why such box art was drawn, how it is handled in each media after the release The part about what it was like is written with the eyes of Asano, who was a 'modeler boy' who was reading model information and Hobby Japan at that time as a high school student.

Chapter 4 is 'The'out of bullets' that was supposed to happen'

The heading in the chapter looks like this.
・ Existence called 'Gundam Model Salon' that opens only for 2 days a month
・ Impact 1/30 06R '* Mr. Oda is not included in this kit'
・ A feeling of exhaustion that begins to ooze out from a good advance
・ Amazing 1983, '21 new products in just 10 months'
・ A tricky development called 'Remake of the Normal Gunpla Series'
・ The existence of 'Major Johnny Leiden' who came out to become popular
・ 'Forbidden project' where the out of bullets of MSV made Bandai decide
・ Two new Gundams, 'MS-X' and 'Char's Counterattack Gundam'
・ 'Johnny Leiden exclusive machine festival' that showed the last brilliance

Just by following the headlines, the project called MSV is worn out with a tremendous momentum, and it is clear that a 'new post-Gundam' to replace MSV was sought.

Chapter 5 'The Time of the End of the' Gunpla Revolution ''

The heading in the chapter looks like this.
・ The end of MSV and the start of broadcasting of Z Gundam, and ...
・ Meaning and significance of 'MSV appeared in Z Gundam play'
・ 'Gundam model revolution' for us by our hands

With the decision to broadcast 'Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam' from the spring of 1985, the role of MSV in the world of Gunpla has come to an end. In Z Gundam, the setting of Zonic, which was created by GUNDAM CENTURY and used repeatedly as the setting of MSV, was incorporated into 'Masashi', and MSV appeared in the work.

Two interviews are posted at the end as a special project, one is an interview with Mr. Tetsuo Daitoku, the editor-in-chief of 'GUNDAM CENTURY'. It is also mentioned that MSV got on the history of MS development made with 'GUNDAM CENTURY'.

'Interview with Tetsuo Daitoku, Editor-in-Chief of OUT Special Edition' Space Shoking Warriors GUNDAM CENTURY ''

The other is an interview with Masatoshi Muramatsu, who designed the 'MS-06R Zaku II'. Mr. Muramatsu also read 'HOW TO BUILD GUNDAM 2' and thought that Mr. Oda's Zaku's head was cool.

'Interview with Masatoshi Muramatsu, former Bandai in charge of designing 1/144 MS-06R Black Tri-Stars Zaku II'

At the end of the book is a complete list of released MSVs ...

Box art and examples are posted.

Looking back, the MSV deployment was only one year and nine months from March 1983 to December 1984. In the meantime, it's amazing that 34 works were released without the source of the video work. It is not difficult to imagine that the planning side and the creator side of the plastic model would have been quite difficult, but instead of taking up the testimony of such hardships, this book is a book that follows from a bird's-eye view, a consumer's perspective, and reactions around us. Should be one of the materials to understand the Gunpla area at that time.

MSV Generation 'Gunpla Revolution' for us by us | Masahiko Asano | Books | Mail Order | Amazon

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