ASUS gaming headset 'ROG STRIX GO BT' review, sound quality and ease of use that surpasses gaming & can be used for up to 45 hours on a full charge

In addition to the fact that moving BGM and powerful SE can determine the impression of the game, whether or not you can hear footsteps and gunshots in FPS etc. is directly linked to victory or defeat, so 'sound' is an important factor. 'ROG Strix Go BT ', which appeared at the same time as the

gaming smartphone 'ROG Phone 5 series ' from ASUS gaming brand 'ROG', realizes low latency, high quality and seamless sound by Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio technology, and further active noise It is said that the canceling technology will block out the surrounding sounds and create an environment where you can concentrate on the game, so I actually tried using it.

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Click here for the ROG Strix Go BT package.

It contains a special carrying case, warranty card, and user guide.

The ROG brand logo and the catch phrase 'REPUBLIC OF GAMERS' are printed on the surface of the special carrying case ...

The back side is equipped with a pocket that can store flat small items such as cards.

Open the zipper and open the case.

It contained the ROG Strix Go BT main unit, USB Type-A Type-C conversion adapter, audio cable, and 3.5mm stereo & microphone branch adapter.

This is the main body.

The left ear cup has the word 'ROG' in it.

The right side contains the ASUS logo.

The headband is a catch phrase of 'REPUBLIC OF GAMERS'.

The slide part that adjusts the length of the left and right bands is not a stepless type, but a stepped type that gives a slight click when expanded and contracted. The Koikuchi part is metallic silver.

The ASUS logo is drawn on the inside of the ear pads.

The left and right notations are at the base of the ear cup.

The bottom of the ear cup has a volume control & microphone mute dial switch, function keys, power button, wired connection port on the left side, and a USB Type-C port on the right side.

Near the front side, there is an NFC detection area and a built-in microphone. The letter N is the NFC detection area, and the built-in microphone is just like a hole.

The ear cups can be folded inward and compactly as shown below.

The actual weight is 309g.

It looks like this when attached. The tightening is not too weak and not too strong, and there is no strange bias in the center of gravity. It's not as good as canal type earphones, but the impression is that the ambient noise is reduced by one level just by wearing it.

Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the power. Press and hold for 7 seconds to switch between Bluetooth pairing mode and normal push to switch to active noise canceling mode. If you turn on the power while wearing it, the voice of a foreign woman will tell you 'power on'.

The characteristic is that it can be paired with a smartphone by NFC. Android devices such as ROG Phone 5 Ultimate have NFC function, so if you turn on NFC function and hold it over the NFC detection area of ROG Strix Go BT ...

The pop-up 'Are you sure you want to pair the Bluetooth device Rog Strix Go BT?' Is displayed. After that, you can quickly complete the Bluetooth connection setting just by following the display.

When you switch the active noise canceling mode with the normal push of the power button, the voice of a foreign woman will be 'noise canceling off' 'heavy noise canceling' 'light noise canceling' 'environmental sound (environment) every time you switch. Sound) ”and tells you the current settings. Even if you turn on the two noise canning modes, the sound quality itself will not be affected. The noise canceling off mode is like wearing so-called earmuffs, and the environmental sound mode is a state where the surrounding environmental sounds are picked up and played electronically. Environmental sounds are especially easy to pick up, and when you walk under air conditioning, you may hear a 'buooo' sound.

Even if I tried to play music with a good explosion, the editorial staff in the next seat said, 'There is no sound leakage.' Even if there is a sound leak, it seems that the leak is such that it cannot be heard due to the driving sound of the air conditioner.

I don't feel any delay when playing games over a wireless connection. In the case of a headset that focuses on games, there are times when you say, 'It's a bit too focused on bass such as footsteps to listen to music ...', but not only the powerful bass but also the extension of the treble is quite good. And there is almost no dissatisfaction with the sound quality. As for battery life, it can be charged for 15 minutes and driven for 5 hours. It is possible to play non-stop gaming for up to 45 hours.

For the microphone, it is convenient to push the volume control dial switch to mute / unmute the microphone. You can quickly turn off the microphone when your family talks to you during the game.

When stored, it looks like this, because the special carrying case has a separator ...

It can be stored tightly so that the main body does not move inside as shown below.

Cords can be stored in the opposite pocket.

When you actually use it, the sound quality is more attractive than it is for gaming. The handling is also very good, and it emphasizes the goodness of hands-free that it tells you by voice such as 'noise canceling off' every time you turn it on and off with the power button or switch the noise canceling mode. The fact that it supports both wired and wireless, the sound reproduction during video playback is seamless, and there is no delay or sound leakage, so it was an impression that it was easy to use beyond the framework of gaming.

'ROG Strix Go BT' can be purchased at the official online shopping site ASUS Store for 28,578 yen including tax. It was possible to purchase from 28,600 yen on ASUS Wireless Gaming Headset ROG STRIX GO BT AI Noise Canceling Microphone, Low Delay Performance, PC, Nintendo Switch, Smart Devices, PS5: PCs / Peripherals

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