Microsoft developed 'SQL Server' for Linux and software switch 'SONiC', more open direction

Microsoft has released a preview of Linux version of SQL Server. Cloud First (Cloud Priority) as a Strategy Microsoft seems to be evolving into a flexible form of open platform for cloud business.

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Relational database management system (RDBMS) "Microsoft SQL ServerSo far it was software that can only be used with Windows products such as Windows Server, but it was formally announced that it will support Linux that is often found in server products,Preview versionHas been released. For development of SQL Server for LinuxRed HatWhenCanonicalIt is participating.

It was held in April 2015ChefConfMicrosoft is using cloud business Microsoft Azure service that customers who run Linux are 20% of the totalI had made it clearHowever, as of February 2016 already 25% and its proportion is increasing. For this reason, we believe that releasing SQL Server for Linux to further strengthen the strong cloud business will lead to business expansion. SQL Server, which is likely to compete with MySQL and PostgreSQL's open source RDBMS, will be released in the middle of 2017.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also developed a switching OS "SONiC" that connects the Linux version of the data center, in parallel with the Azure Cloud Switch software switching operating system that connects terminals of Azure cloud. It is not yet decided whether SONiC will be provided to developers or sold to customers, but we can confirm the development attitude of Microsoft regardless of whether it is based on Windows or Linux.

Microsoft has already begun to switch to a more open direction that is not tied to the platform, such as releasing the iOS version of the Office suite. From the era when it was overwhelmed by Windows, we intend to flexibly accept open platform to strengthen non-core Windows business, such as cloud business such as Microsoft Azure and mobile business centering on Windows 10 Mobile, to increase total sales It seems that Microsoft is making major changes.

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