Industry organizations may declare war on advertisement blockers, and how advertising will change

People who use extensions or software to block advertisements displayed on the website,In 2015 survey 27% of net users,. Moreover, it seems that trade associations that are making technical standards of advertising, etc. will fight against advertisement blockers in full swing because they are earning by using ad block as business seed.

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For users who want to make web browsing as fast as possible, or want to reduce the amount of data to be loaded, the existence of ad blocking extensions and software that blocks advertisements is extremely grateful, and most of them are free to use is.

However, it takes time and labor to develop such functions and software. In the case of "Adblock Plus" well-known as an ad block extension,A company that has 15 staff members as of 2013 developedWe are doing. For this type of function, there is a "whitelist" that is out of the subject of ad blocking, there is a business to get money by calling up a listing on the list,Google and Amazon are paying money to Adblock Plus to display advertisementsI know that. Crystal for mobile ad blocking application also uses the whitelist for business in the same way.

On the other hand, although there are quite a few companies that wish to be included in this whitelist, Adblock Plus meets criteriaIn fact whitelist is 9.5% of the totalIt is also revealed that it is not paid for everything and that it is not charged.

These "whitelists" are different businesses "Ghostery". At the same time, the ad blocking function is blocking cookies etc tracking user's actions, but by using this position they collect tracking information, contents are anonymous, but they are sold to companies doing.

It is natural that companies are thinking "What is it like to block advertisements that are seeds of other people's business and earn money from there?" In WIRED, one of the above sources, "Users will do the work of adding" "to the whitelist themselves to display the advertisements on WIRED," Pay 1 dollar (about 114 yen) per week for "no-ad version" We decided not to do so, simply restrict access to users blocking WIRED advertisements.

How WIRED Is Going to Handle Ad Blocking | WIRED

Within this trend, it is an organization that makes standards of net advertisement and carries out law maintenanceInteractive Advertising Bureau(IAB)Has announced that it will fight ad block.

IAB Enters Publicity, Engineering War Against Ad Blockers | Special: Advertising Week 2015 - Advertising Age

On the stage of the lecture performed by the group, recipe site ""Even if you are browsing yourself, Rick Yawarski, CEO of Rick Yawarski said," There are occasions when it may be annoying to want to block advertisements. " "I do not like the ad blocker's business, but we need to eliminate the ad blocking business by eliminating the" situations that would require the ad blocking feature ", said the current Internet advertisement I proposed a review of the way that it is.

WIRED covers the voice of an advertising agency that forms like banner ads disappear within 10 years and all become "sponsored content" ....

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