The number of "ad block browser" users blocking mobile advertisements increased by 90% from 2015

The majority of Internet companies such as Google and Facebook are the main source of income as online advertisements displayed in their content. A report that investigates the actual status of ad blocking software that makes it impossible to display such online advertisements has been disclosed and it has turned out to be a threat to business models that depend on traditional Internet advertisements.

2016 Mobile Adblocking Report | PageFair

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A startup "PageFair" that gives advice to regain loss of advertisement revenue analyzes data of company "Priori Data" tracking smartphone application data and publishes a report showing the worldwide ad blocking software usage status in 2016 Did. According to the report, there are 419 million smartphone users using ad block application, browser plug-in, etc., and one in five people is blocking ads on the Internet. This number is about twice that of users blocking ads on desktop devices.

The following is a summary of the whole image of the ad block application on the mobile terminal, which is "an application that blocks advertisements from the Internet provider (ISP) network", "an application that blocks in-application advertisements and in-browser advertisements" "Applications that block advertisements of certain services such as SNS". Especially, browsers are expanding, blocking advertisement by hitting API, those with ad blocking function in browser itself, things that can turn on ad blocking function by setting. Many are third-party apps, but there are moves that manufacturers pre-install their own ad block browser, for example.

Between December 2014 and March 2016, the top 5 of the ad block browser, especially the number of downloads, is as follows. It is a small monopoly condition that Chinese enterprises occupy the first to fourth place.

Browser with ad blocking functionHave been developed one after another, and the number of active users of the ad block browser has increased by 90% compared to 2015.

When you classify the number of active users of the ad block browser for each month in March of 2016, it becomes like this. The most ad block browser in the world is used in China, with 159 million active users per month. It is clear that the second place is 122 million people in India and the third place is 38 million people in Indonesia, concentrated in Southeast Asia.

36% of Southeast Asian smartphone users are using ad blocking browsers, but since India, Indonesia, Pakistan etc. are expected to be more popular with smartphone popularity, further expansion of the ad block browser It is predicted.

Newspaper publishing articles on the web is accelerating policy to stop viewing advertisement block users, the New York Times alreadyDisplays the message "The best thing in life is not free" for advertisement non-display usersThen I hide the article. Although it is necessary to display advertisements in order to continue providing content free of charge, it is also true that online advertisements are malicious. The New York Times alsoI took up this reportAnalysts said that "the neutrality of the Internet" will be questioned for the use of ad blocking software in the future and whether it meets the neutrality criteria should be contested in the court. "

Rise of Ad - Blocking Software Threatens Online Revenue - The New York Times

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