Crystal advertisement deletion application starts payment plan for advertisers "display" advertisement

Paid application that blocks advertisements in content with iPhone's browser "Safari"Crystal"The sales of the application is progressing well, but the developer of the application seems to be following one. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Murphy Apps developing Crystal has found that it offers a plan to avoid advertising on a fee for advertisers (advertisers) doing.

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On iOS 9 and later, which began releasing in September 2015, the ad blocking function is implemented in the browser "Safari". In order to use this function, it is necessary to install a third party application separately, but "Crystal" is used a lot there. It is an application that was released on September 17, 2015 and is sold at 120 yen on the Japanese App Store, but already over 100,000 downloads have been done, and Murphy Apps is a profit after removing Apple's share It is believed that you already have $ 75,000 (about 9 million yen).


For Mr. Dean Murphy who runs Murphy Apps, the profit of 9 million yen in just one week is nothing but a good performance, but Mr. Murphy is starting to develop business using this application further. Murphy develops and provides a famous ad blocking tool "Adblock Plus"Eyeo GmbHWe have reached an agreement to share a "white list" of ad block avoidance operated by AdBlock Plus.

"Whitelist" operated by AdBlock Plus is that advertisers pay Eyeo fee to avoid AdBlock Plus blocking function. Companies such as Google and Microsoft have already paid fees to avoid blocking, but there are various hurdles to be listed in this whitelist, and even if you apply for entry to the list, The percentage that is accepted is not high. The actual condition and the judging standard of 'discreet advertisement' which can be posted can be confirmed in the following article.

Official announcement that Adblock Plus Whitelist is included in only 9.5% of application companies - GIGAZINE

Mr. Murphy said that in addition to sales on the App Store, Eyeo will receive a fixed monthly payment every month. About collaboration with Eyeo Murphy commented, "It is to protect the interests of content providers." The reason is "how much Crystal will be used for many users, it will not lead to users supporting content providers.I think that it is good to utilize whitelists In fact, as I have actually seen it seems that it seems to be blocking advertisements which are considered to be "bad advertisements", "bringing advertisement revenues from" discreet advertisements "to content providers The purpose is to support the industry is seen as.

However, the "whitelist" mechanism says that on one hand, it sells applications that block advertisements, while on the other hand it sells features that avert ad blocking for a feeMatch pumpIt is also a fact that there is criticism that it is something like. There seems to be a way to attract the "flow of money" of the advertising platform where huge money moves, to themselves around the world.

In addition, Google, the creator of the world's largest advertising platform, can erase ads on the page by making a small contribution to a certain site or display another favorite content in that advertisement space "Google Contributor (Contributor) "in the United States. It is an interesting service that the company that has built an advertisement system such as Google Adsense provides an individual donation system which can be said to be true and reverse, and Matt Katz explains about its aim in the following page .

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