The police are training the "Eagle" to catch the drones in the air

In recent years, due to the rapidly popular consumer drone, accidents that the drones fall from the sky continued, threatening the safety of the earth. Therefore, the need to eliminate the outlaw drones flying by breaking the rules is called out, and various hands have been devised, but shooting down the drone is dangerous rather than it, so it is difficult to crack down on the crime There is. Meanwhile, the Dutch police are testing an eagle hunting strategy that uses an eagle to capture the drones in the air.

Wereldprimeur: politie zet roofvogels in om drones uit te schakelen |

Dutch Police Training Eagles to Take Down Drones - IEEE Spectrum

You can see how the eagle captures the drones in the following movie.

Politie zet roofvogels in om vijandige drones uit de lucht te halen - YouTube

Drone who hovers in the air.

In recent years, the rapid spread of consumer drone has increased the risk of falling down due to unexpected troubles.

It is urgent to take measures against drone that violates the rules of the sky in any sky in the world.

It is the eagle that the police of the Netherlands elected for the drone crackdown.

The eared eagle is straight towards the drones.

Stand up the nails from above the drone ......

Catch the drones brilliantly in the air.

I catch prey and fly swiftly.

The eagle who robbed Drone landed in the corner of the building.

The eagle that captures the drone is trained to carry a drone in a safe place away from people and things.

Police in the Netherlands are working with organizations supporting falconry (eagle hunting) to train drone safely from the sky.

If it is quad copter of DJI's Phantom series class, it seems that eagle can catch it easily.

Drone who spread so rapidly as law maintenance catapults rapidly crashed due to crashing against buildings and poles, sudden troubles, etc., accident frequently occurred, urgently eliminating drones to ensure safety The need to do is increasing.

I shot the drone and threatened the safety of the person in the falling place, so I thought whether there was any way to safely catch the drones, but the eagle was chosen.

If it is this size eagle you can safely capture the general consumer drone.

It seems that an eagle that is suitable for training is selected not only for capturing but also for necessity to move the drone to a safe place.

For large drone, because the eagle is sometimes hurt by the propeller, the Dutch police continue to train the eagle hunting drone, working closely with animal experts. In the coming months, we plan to decide whether to adopt eagles as a means to capture drones.

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