FAA prohibits YouTube contribution of a movie aerial photographed with drone

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In the United States entertainment use of drone is allowed, but the use for commercial purpose is regulated. Although YouTube has published a lot of movies taken with the camera installed in the drone, uploading a movie using drones to YouTube is based on Dolon's "commercial use" as it has an advertisement display function on YouTube As applicable,Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) has begun crackdown.

The FAA Says You Can not Post Drone Videos on YouTube | Motherboard

Jason Haines, a drone lover who published a movie shot with a camera installed in the drone from 2014 on YouTube, received a legal notice from FAA one day in March 2015 . The content was "Because ads are displayed on YouTube, movies published on YouTube fall under" dolone's "commercial use", so you can ask fines and legal penalties ".

"Entertainment use" of drawn and other model aircraft is not subject to FAA regulation, but there is no stipulation stating exactly where from "where to use" commercial. In this case, since publishers can get money from YouTube ads, FAA has decided that it is a commercial use of Drone, but Mr. Hanes gets advertisement revenue from YouTube at 1 dollar (about 120 yen) It is said that it is less than. Until now FAA has been known to have sent warning letters to websites that advertise the drone lending service, but this time for the first time a warning letter arrived for general users.

FAA's warning letter states: "Our goal is to allow UAS (unmanned aerospace system) users to reconsider their compliance by thinking" how they can legally and safely fly " As the drone users are rapidly increasing over the last couple of years, the FAA has launched a policy to expand the scope of application of "commercial use of drone" and regulate it.

Drone's regulation is expected to become increasingly severe in the future, but DJI, the biggest drone maker,Sales of 1 billion dollar (about 121.4 billion yen), the first drone sales companyIs recorded. We also contribute to the development of technologies other than drone, such as announcing hand-held cameras applying the high-function camera shake technology of drone-mounted cameras at CES 2015, but how DJI will deal with FAA's regulatory strengthening move It seems that it will greatly affect future growth.

DJI's new drone camera is also a super smooth handheld - CES 2015 - YouTube

FAA launched such policy because one of the factors is that it is difficult to secure safety due to falling drone etc. since the law regulating the flight of the drones that grew rapidly has not been prepared. Drone, which can fly to high altitude, is expected to suffer a sudden fall accident also for entertainment purposes, but "ball type drones" are also beginning to appear that place importance on safety and prevent crashes due to crash.

Flyability Drones for Good Semi-Finals - YouTube

Although it can be said that strengthening regulation is a matter of course as it is not possible to secure safety with drone like DJI, drone also has the benefit of being able to stepping on without danger to places where people can not enter. For example, it is possible to exploit victims who can not move in the event of a disaster and to specify the position, in addition to using the remote sensing technology by drones and observation satellites to trace the traces of civilization to an unlikely place in the Sahara It has been reported that it has been found. In maintaining the law, it may be necessary to balance the ability to demonstrate its usefulness while securing safety.

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