Where is the British style power plug excellent as a design?


The shapes of outlets and plugs for using electric appliances are different according to the country, with different standards. Among the standards of several plugs, it has three prismatic pinsBritish style plug(BS 1363) 's design is the best in the world.

Why Britain Has The Best Wall Sockets On Earth

The movie that explains the excellent points of the British style plug can be seen from the following.

British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why - YouTube

British style plugs that men have in their right hands. In contrast to American style plugs and Japanese type plugs which consist of three short rectangular short pins and consisting of only two thin pins, it seems that they are inferior in area at the first glance and inferior .

However, British style plugs have some features in terms of functionality. Take out the outlet and the driver ... ...

It tries to push the driver into the hole of the outlet, but the lid is attached to the two holes.

Looking at the British style plug from the side, only the upper earth pin of the three pins is made a little longer and has the role of controlling the flow of electricity.

When the earth pin pierces the hole of the outlet first ... ...

Two closed holes will open and electricity will flow. It is a safe design that there is no worry that a small child accidentally sticks a screwdriver into a hole in the outlet to give an electric shock.

Also, two pins are covered with black insulators in half.

Therefore, even if the finger touches the pin in the half-inserted state where the plug is not stuck firmly in the outlet, there is a low fear of electric shock.

Next, disassemble the plug and look at the internal structure.

Inside is like this, 3 cables and fuse are visible. Built-in copper fuse, due to lightning strikesSurge currentWhen fusing, only fuses fly, playing the role of preventing the ignition of electronic equipment and electric shock accident. This design is said to originate from the fact that copper was short in the UK during World War II and instead of wiring the fuse directly to the cable, a small fuse was embedded in the plug.

The blue cable is neutral.

Brown represents a live cable.

Green and yellow cable is the ground wire.

The point is that only the ground wire of the three cables is lengthened, and even if the cable is pulled and the conductor is frayed, the two live and neutral pulled out first and the earth pin finally reaches the end It is said that it has an effect to prevent electric shock by remaining up to.

Although it is a British style plug with many contrivances, the minus point is that the plug itself is heavy and the back side is flat. It turns inside out when put on the ground, and it seems that it hurts tremendously when stepping on by mistake.

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