If you do not become an Amazon prime member it turns out that delivery time will slow down more and more

Amazon allows you to use unlimited service at the annual fee of 3900 yen on the day of ordered items on the day of delivery or designated date of delivery "Amazon Prime"Is carried out. On Amazon.com in the United States, service for prime members is issued that annual fee is 99 dollars (about 12,000 yen) and any items are delivered within 2 days, but they are not becoming prime members For general users, it turned out that the delivery time of the goods gradually slowed down.

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We are aggregating customer satisfaction of online shoppersStellaServiceAccording to Amazon, Amazon is conducting all kinds of experiments and technological development to expand services for prime members. We can receive goods at the explosion speed within one hour after orderingPrime Now"And a drone delivery flight whose experiment is being promoted to start service"Prime Air"Etc. are known as part of services for prime members.

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According to Kevon Hills researcher at StellaService, Amazon.com has reigned at the top of the online shopping site satisfaction ranking for a long time due to the satisfaction of customer service as mentioned above. However, for the first time in history in 2016 Amazon.com seems to have dropped from the top 10 in the rankings.

For reasons why users' satisfaction declines, Mr. Hills says, "Amazon has torn a lot of effort to expand delivery services for prime members, so general users have to wait for about four days to arrive, In addition, delivery time is getting longer every year.In addition, Amazon.com is overtaking the delivery speed as a counter service in the online shopping market where the speed of delivery is required. "

Although the service content of "Receiving goods in 4 days from order" was attractive enough several years ago, delivery to prime members increased by 51% compared to the previous year in 2016, and general users It is said that the delivery time for gradually becoming longer. Please note that Amazon prime membership as of January 2016, worldwideOver 46 millionThere is a survey result that Amazon is supposed to use the annual fee collected from the prime member for expanding the services for further prime members.

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