A scientific commentary on what kind of adverse effects are caused when drinking carbonated beverages every day

ByLeo Hidalgo

Sweet and refreshing carbonated beverages with sweet and squirrel are sometimes obliged to drink asexually, but there should be many people saying "I do not mind if I drink every day." A movie that scientifically explained the fact that if you continue drinking such carbonated beverages every day, what kind of adverse effects will appear on your health,What if You Only Only Drank Soda?"is.

What If You Only Only Drank Soda? - YouTube

More than 1.8 billion Coca-Cola are drunk all over the world every day, and nearly half of Americans are drinking at least one more cola or carbonated drinks a day. It is not funny to want to drink a sweet drink that sometimes contains sugar ... ...

If it continues drinking only carbonated drink everyday, what kind of influence will occur in human brain and body is scientifically explained in the movie.

If you take a carbonated beverage, the mouth becomes acidic and corrosion of tooth enamel progresses. In addition, sugar contained in carbonated beverages becomes nutritious for microorganisms, so the progression of dental caries will also be advanced.

Approximately 46 g of sugar is taken in the body when you drink one can of carbonated drink, the receptor on the tongue sends a signal to the cerebral cortex in response to sugar. As a result, the brain's reward system will be activated, and he will feel "I want more!" Just keeping drinking the same amount of carbonated drink as the recommended amount of water per day for a week for pleasure will consume 5432 kcal extra.

According to a study, many people tend to take more calories than expected, because many people do not include the calories of drinks in the calculation, and in the weight of Americans who is on an increasing trend from 1977 to 2007, I know that carbonated drinks account for one-fifth of the cause of weight gain.

Fructose / glucose liquid sugar, the main sweetener of carbonated drinks (Isomerized sugar) Is not metabolized in the body like sugar is one of the problems. Fructose dextrose liquid sugar has the characteristic of increasing liver fat which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease instead of increasing blood glucose level even if ingested.InsulinYaLeptinBecause the hormone such as hormone is not stimulated, even when full, the signal is not sent normally, it may cause eating too much, which increases the risk of diabetes.

In other words, sugar-containing beverages are not better, and one study shows that by reducing the amount of sugar contained in sweetened beverages it is possible to reduce over 1 million people with obesity.

How about drinking diet / drink instead of regular carbonated drinks? For prevention of obesity, there may be many people drinking calorie zero beverages, but artificial sweeteners are also related to weight gain.

In one experiment, people who drink a calorie zero diet drink have a result that appetite becomes more active than those who drink ordinary sweet drinks. It is thought that this is due to the psychology that "It is okay to eat extra than usual" from the consciousness that "I drink a calorie drink less than usual". Also,Potential for artificial sweeteners to cause impaired glucose tolerance and cause diabetesHave also been pointed out.

A person who drinks 500 ml of carbonated drink each day, the result of aging advances as smokersHas also been announced, concretely related to agingTelomereIt will have an effect that it will be shortened.

Even though drinking 500 ml of carbonated beverages every day it is said that aging will proceed 4.6 years, but what if the drinking of 2 liters of carbonated drink each day will have an impact? A woman who actually sent such a life for 16 years was to be hospitalized at the age of 31. She should have no family history of heart disease, she had seizures such as in vena cava and fainting, and due to the influence of sugar and caffeine diuretic action and diarrhea contained in carbonated drinks,potassiumHe seems to have fallen short.

As a result of the treatment, fortunately the woman has recovered, but similarly the human body has amazing resilience, so it may be said that the woman who seems to be "drinking carbonated drinks ... ..." People who have it may be able to spend more healthy by reducing the amount to drink even now.

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