The death of a woman who continued drinking Coca-Cola instead of water was due to Coke and the coroner


The coroner investigated the case that the woman who died of cola was surely drunk when taking the moisture, and the coroner investigated, "The excessive drinking of coke is the main cause of death, and Coca-Cola company has a lot of sugar and caffeine We should label warnings more easily about the dangers of ingestion. "

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Natasha Harris, who lived in the southern part of New Zealand, was usually known for its cola love as thoroughly as drinking cola when he said he considers water intake. Natasha who was also the mother of eight people, died of a heart attack in 2010. A coroner, David Creeler, conducted a review from the evidence available for this case and submitted a report that if Natasha had not drunk so much, she would not have died.

Natasha is drinking 10 liters of cola every day from 6 liters, according to Clewiller's investigation, many tooth extraction with a decayed tooth, child was born without enamel part of teeth in the child It seems that there were children. According to Mr. Natasha's longtime colleague, Natasha said that he was drinking 2.25 liters of bottle a day and did not drink anything other than coke, and without a cola, That was.

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Natasha's mother-in-law also confirmed that Natasha was totally addicted to Coca-Cola, and revealed that withdrawal symptoms such as trembling had occurred without a cola.

The autopsy immediately after death is in charge of doctor Dan · Morin, confirmed that Natasha intake of excessive sugar makes the liver enlarged, it is also becoming a fat liver, it is related to excessive cola drinking It seems that it was falling into hypokalemia (low potassium concentration in the blood). The amount of sugar ingested by Mr. Natasha is more than 1 kg per day in search of Mr. Clehrer and 970 mg of caffeine.

It is usually said that caffeine intake of 500 mg or more per day is not good for health, and Morin pointed out that Natasha's caffeine causes hypokalemia and arrhythmia. In fact, it seems that the symptoms occurred when taking too much caffeine such as nausea, vomiting, tachycardia in the previous month of death.

Mr. Clehrer pointed out that the cause of death of Natasha was that drinking too much cola resulted in instability of metabolism and eventually Natasha's heart disease. Although Coca-Cola Company is not responsible for consumers obviously drinking an unhealthy amount of product, warnings should be given to the consumer that the mass intake is harmful enough to convey to consumers I suggested.

Regarding this result, Coca-Cola Company announced the statement "We are sorry that together with other health and living factors, Mrs. Harris was linked to excessive consumption of Coca-Cola as a cause of death."

Among them, as with tobacco like carbonated beverages and refreshing drinks, will it become possible for large warning sentences to appear that "excessive drinking may cause harm to your health" ... ....


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